Reactionary of the Week: Rebecca Costa’s yoga-style defense of Blackwater’s Erik Prince.


Simply bending over doesn’t describe the incredible feat of dexterity by talk host Rebecca Costa. Costa, 59, the incessantly boastful author of one book, ‘The Watchman’s Rattle’ could apparently not heed her pseudo-eugenics polemic, which proffers evolutionary imperatives from everything to terrorism to education, by thinking rather than squatting during a recent interview with Blackwater’s founding CEO Erik Prince. If she was attempting to prove an evolutionary imperative’s penchant for trumping morally reasoned thought she succeeded. There are Nazis rolling in their grave (not to mention-yet-and dead Iraqi civilians) who are kicking themselves that they lost out on a media defender like Costa. But then again, Prince is smiling, and that’s the main thing.

Costa on her show showed the greatest sensitivity to Mr. Prince because, this self-professed “progressive” wants so badly to be fair to all sides. She proclaimed Blackwater-a corporate contractor, who, like so many good free market corporate religionists, have learned that profits stem from billing directly the American taxpayer-is a wing of the military. Sure it is, like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell at Bagram in Afghanistan, like Boeing and Ratheon, and oh yes, Augusto Pinochet! Costa is nothing more than a right-winger in progressive clothing.

Need I list the dangers, not to mention the myriad “transgressions” by Prince and Blackwater? He once famously boasted, ‘‘We are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service.’’ Interesting choice of words, since FedEX tried to put the Post Office out of business, bad-talks it constantly, but uses the postal service as their prime carrier of choice to move packages they can’t, unless what he means is that FedEx has secret operatives around the nation killing threatening yard dogs from helicopters, as well as any other animal that might be within a five block radius? Deep breath!

Only following orders from the CIA? That’s what Costa retorted with greater quantity, but the same effect as a Midwestern suburbanite’s first experience with Mexican tap water. And where have we heard that defense before? But Costa just wants to be fair to all sides. Because the St Valentine’s massacre wasn’t about the murder of 6 loosely connected fellows to the Moran gang, plus one innocent bystander, it was, as we all know, important to hear Machinegun Kelley and Al Capone’s side of the story. “It was all a big misunderstanding, your honor!”

Costa’s show, which runs in Chicago on a supposed progressive station, turned this night into a full-fledged defense and apology for a group that has, just for a taste here, fired indiscriminately around a Baghdad street, and who has been accused of flagrantly killing with impunity, including an Iraqi father, while leaving his wife and daughter seriously wounded. To this Costa offered a soulful defense, saying, “…if Blackwater is ordered by the CIA to take out a known terrorist and injures a bystander, are they culpable?” Her guest, Dr. Stephan Wagner from the Monterey College of Law, who would have made a great Nazi lawyer, defended Prince by comparing him to George Washington who also used civilians during the revolutionary war???!!!

Think this was an aberration? Weekly we are treated on the local “Progressive” station to her stealth Rightwing propaganda, disguised as “shouldn’t we all just have a substantive dialogue and come together?” Instead, what she is really doing is moving the Rightwing ball forward with her matter-of-fact, don’t it just make sense homey wisdom. that same sort of “well don’t it just stand to reason” ivy-league style “git ‘er done” tripe.

This week she had a wink and giggle fest with Republican governor George Pataki who proceeded to go on a rant about Obamacare. Not that I don’t have my issues with Obama not living up to his promises, and even out right betraying many, but Costa just gushed over Pataki and couldn’t agree with him more.

Costa is a front, in my ranting and indignant opinion, for a general corporate marketing scheme that seeks to pull liberals and progressives subtly sway them from issues critical to the survival of a democratic republic and to those who oppose a growing global and national corporate hegemony. Costa’s one book, touted and heralded by a long list of corporate hegemonists and biblical irrationalists argues that evolution drives the issues affecting modern society. I might argue that a lack of it drives Costa’s mouth and moral compass.

WC Turck has been called “The most dangerous voice on the Left.” He can be heard on Chicago’s only voice for activism, and the true Progressive voice, Q4 radio, streaming weekdays from 9-11am. And listen to Revolution and Beer Weekend with partner and cohost BL Murray Saturdays from 1-3pm. Turck is the author of 4 books. His first novel “Broken: One soldiers unexpected journey home,” was recommended by the National Association of Mental Health Institutes in 2008 for its treatment of PTSD. “Everything for Love” is a memoir of love and war during the siege of Sarajevo. “Burn Down the Sky” was published in 2010 on Amazon as an e-book fictionalized his experiences and insights on the frontlines of the war on terror. “The Last Man,” an Occupy novel is a warning about world ruled by a single corporation. Turck wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart: A revolutionary Christmas Carol,” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” His current project is to build and proliferate truly independent media and radio stations across the country.

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