Rally for Roshad McIntosh: Today at 5pm, at 2600 W Harrison

5PM, Friday 8/29: Rally for Roshad McIntosh

Community and Family Demand Name of Cop Who Killed Him
Chicago 8/29 — Today at 5pm, at 2600 W Harrison, Roshad McIntosh’s community will hold another protest in his name. An announcement for the gathering was posted last night to Facebook and Twitter.

Roshad was shot by police on August 24th in his North Lawndale neighborhood. At a press conference Wednesday, The Dissenter reports, his mother Dawn said, “My son was killed senselessly, and he shouldn’t have been. He was surrendering, and they shot him anyway. He was on his knees with both hands up begging for his life. They killed him.”

On Wednesday evening, hundreds of community members marched on the 11th precinct police station, demanding the name of the officer who killed Roshad. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DukBfDGVbM

Community members organizing these protests say: “We want the name of the cop that killed Roshad. We want him arrested and held accountable – immediately. We want every cop who was present the night Roshad was murdered to be held accountable. We want the police out of our communities – their racist campaign of terrorizing us, brutalizing us, putting us in prison cages and exterminating us has to end immediately. We want our community park back, immediately. We want our programs and the resources to benefit our kids and our communities that will lead to self-empowerment and autonomy.”

Roshad McIntosh’s death and the community response to it has been covered by: Democracy Now!, Examiner, ABC 7, Chicago Tribune, The Dissenter, DNAinfo Chicago, Huffington Post, and more.

A Storify post about his death has received over 32,000 views.

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