Rahm Emanuel. Pay to play. Insider deals.

More insider payback in latest round of Emanuel donations

CHICAGO (March 10, 2015)–Garcia campaign manager Andrew Sharp issued the following statement on Mayor Emanuel’s most recent round of campaign donations:

After Chicagoans rejected his reelection on February 24, Rahm Emanuel pledged to “double down” in the runoff. Indeed, he has. Within three days, he collected $1.3 million in donations from millionaires and billionaires who’ve received contracts, TIF deals and other insider benefits — paid for by the people of Chicago.
This is typical Rahm Emanuel. Pay to play. Insider deals. Corporate greed. Money, money and more money.
These are Emanuel’s tough decisions. Good for his billionaire cronies. Bad for the the rest of us.
And we pay the bill.
Proof points:
• Chicago Sun-Times, 3/9/15: Billionaires Ken Griffin, Pritzkers part of $1.3M cash dump to Emanuel campaign.
• Chicago Tribune report that details Melman’s fundraiser held shortly after getting an O’Hare contract via Emanuel administration, and on Emanuel’s approval of a development that included another of Melman’s restaurants.
• Details via the Chicago Tribune on Emanuel donor Ken Griffin, whose Citadel firm went on a stock buying spree in Marriott shortly before it was awarded $55 million in TIF funds for its South Loop hotel project.
Chicago Reader report on the Pritzkers and Emanuel’s Pre-K bond deal, which will double the cost of providing early childhood education services to preschoolers through this ‘expansion’.

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