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Should our elected officials focus on helping the rich get richer?

That’s exactly what the Bruce Rauner Budget will do. Unfortunately, this is also what most of our elected officials – at all levels of government – do.

We’re all in this together. But, right now, most of our politicians are only interested in enriching themselves, their campaign donors and their corporate masters at our expense. They lack the courage to articulate a positive vision of what government can do and to tax the wealthy and corporations so that we can afford to do these things.

Instead, our politicians make deep budget cuts with deadly consequences. We suffer, and the rich get richer.

Bruce Rauner’s budget is a prime example. Two-thirds of corporations in Illinois pay $0 in state income tax, but Rauner won’t propose one cent of new corporate revenue. Instead, he plans to balance the budget with cruel and dangerous cuts, including:
•Ending support for young adults aged 18-21 who grew up as wards of the state. Many of these youth will end up homeless or in prison – guaranteed.
•Slashing support for public universities by 30%.
•Gutting Medicaid coverage for people who would otherwise be uninsured.
•Starving the public transit system that we rely upon to reduce congestion and carbon pollution and get to work.

But let’s be honest… we can’t lay all the blame at Bruce Rauner’s feet. Illinois Democrats held complete power in this state for many years, but they failed to close corporate tax loopholes or pass a graduated income tax. They lacked the courage to extend the corporate and personal income tax rates — the primary reason we’re in this situation. They also ignored voter’s overwhelming mandate to raise the minimum wage. They played political football with our lives, and we’re losing badly.

But, here’s the good news: we’re not letting Bruce Rauner or the Corporate Democrats off the hook. Save the date for the “We Rise” National Day of Action when The People’s Lobby will travel to Springfield with labor and community allies:

National “We Rise” Day of Action

(There will be actions in 13 state capitols!)

Wednesday, March 11

6 am – 7 pm

Springfield, IL

Reply to this email to save a seat on the bus. Click here to pitch in $5, $10 or $20 to help pay for the bus. If it’s impossible for you to get away from work, stay tuned for opportunities to participate via social media and phone calls to elected officials.


David Hatch, Executive Director

P.S. Don’t forget to vote in Chicago’s municipal election on Tuesday, February 24. Not registered? No Problem. You can register and vote at one time today and Saturday, February 21 till 5 pm.

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