My name is ficus and I’m an alcoholic? Revolution and Beer answers the question, is Craft Beer good for plants?

Earlier this weekend I began by posing the question whether beer is beneficial to plants. The existing research is contradictory and incomplete. So, Revolution and Beer will set out to answer the question once and for all. Beginning tomorrow we will run an experiment using two sets of identical plants. Two will be common houseplants, and two will be flowering plants.

quality craft beers are rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acids

quality craft beers are rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acids

My hypothesis that the nutrients and even the small amount of alcohol in organic craft beer are beneficial to plants, based on previous experiences pouring unused beer into soil at the base of the plant. I know I know, the obvious question here is, unused beer? But it happens.

Beer contains vitamins B, A, D and E, niacin, as well as minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and trace amounts of sodium and chlorine. Beers that are rich in malts like lagers contain essential proteins and amino acids, unlike large brand commercial corn or rice-based beers. But there is also conjecture that plants given ethanol alcohol, of the kind found in beer, is detrimental to flower growth. 20130824_075216

Both sets of plants will receive the same light, heat and humidity. The soil in each identical pot will be from the same organic source. The control set will be given the proper and measured amount of water for each watering. Water will always be drawn from the same source. For the beer watered plants, a set amount of beer will be be substituted for that amount of water, so that all of the plants in the experiment receive the same amount of liquid.

We’ll run the experiment for 5-6 weeks. At the end of the experiment we will measure height, stem, leaf and branch density, leaf color, vein structure and root volume. For the flowering group, size and quality of the flower will be compared. The goal at the end of that period will be to answer more confidently whether it is adverse or beneficial to pour old and unused beer-good craft and organic craft beer- into plants.

See you at the end of October! Stay tuned…
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