Meaning of Life and Sandra Bland-Warning: Appropriately Offensive Language

Sorry, I will tell you the meaning of life and how it relates to Sandra Bland’s case, but first a few things that have been on my mind.

This is not an argument for or against the case of murder vs. suicide in the death of Sandra Bland, the 28 year old woman who died in police custody following her arrest for changing lanes in front of a small town Barney Fife who drove up on her in an attempt to intimidate her into some sort of infraction. Likely she was profiled, Black, young, out of state license plates, part of a highway drug interdiction program called Operation Pipeline (

The Fourth amendment, that one about being secure in your person and possessions against unreasonable search and seizure, the one the gun types see as minor right to their major one, should have protected Bland. The Supreme Court, however, allows for police to use traffic stops as a pretext for eradicating a person’s 4th amendment rights(

One problem, the majority of drug traffickers are white, while the majority of people stopped in highway interdictions are not. In Missouri, 66% of traffic stops are against minority drivers, despite that, according to the 2014 census, of 6 million residents 84% were white, 11.7% were Black and less than 4% w ere latino or Hispanic ( 66% * For Texas the numbers line up much the same, with 80% white and 12% Black. Historically, for many decades after the civil war, as much as half of Texas’ prison population was Black. Remember the amendment ending slavery also made slavery legal if you are incarcerated. Many states used and still use prison labor, a backdoor form of slavery. Currently that figure is 33%, predominantly 18 to 29 year olds, most on minor drug possession charges: A generation erased.

the most galling aspect of all this, and I am about to give you one of the fundamental rules of life, are the people who cower behind the phrase that no matter what a cop tells you, you must obey. Recall who pays their salaries, these union government workers. They are public servants not public shepherds, and we are adults not sheep. Again and again the officer in the Bland case acted outside the law, and arguably in violation of the law. Throughout all of what befell her the next few days, as she languished in prison because of a directional blinker, Sandra remained defiant of a system honed to eliminate mercy and justice, ct-video-released-from-jail-in-sandra-bland-case-20150721particularly for minorities,

And here is the fundamental law of life, and whether or not you are an American, or a human being fighting and standing to true equality and justice for every person, or whether you wave the flag to show how loyal you are to your would-be jailers.

Just a warning, if you are faint of heart and sensitivities stop reading now.

THE SECRET TO LIFE IS THIS: How much dick are you willing to suck? If for you it is all about compliance or any order barked at you, you are willing to really go to town on that dick. You’ll have to face trading in your dignity and sovereignty for the adult version of your grade school milk monitor. That might not happen right away, but it will happen. Don’t worry, though, the rest of us all ready know.

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