May Day 2013 Events In Chicago

Happy May Day 2013


THURS. May 2nd, 7pm
“Organizing Resistance Under Crisis”
at MultiKulti
1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago IL 60642
(@ the intersection of Milwaukee and Augusta)

FRI. May 3rd, 7pm
“We Are Not Machines, The Situation & Struggles of the iSlaves in China” at Powell’s Books-UIC

SAT. May 4th, 12pm
“Picnic For The Haymarket Martyrs” at Waldheim Cemetary

For further information:

What’s Already Happened: WED. May 1st:

Main March and Rally

2 pm Union Park (Randolph & Ogden)
3 pm March
4 pm Rally at Federal Plaza

*ALSO: 2:30pm
Plaque Dedication at Haymarket Monument at Des Plaines and Randolph.
Then join Union Park contingent at 3:30

Earlier Today

May Day Anti-Capitalist Demo

Black flags on Haymarket Memorial, #MayDay #Chicago. #M1… via @joinrad

— danielle villarreal (@daneyvilla) May 1, 2013

It’s been five years since the economic crash, nobody’s in jail for it. the banks are bigger, wages are lower, and we’re going to march to the loop and shutdown an institution that shall remain unnamed until that morning. Come one come all! The working people of Chicago will march in solidarity with the May Day martyrs and the rest of the country. The location of the action is a short walk from the red line and a thirty minute one transfer train ride to the annual march starting at union park. @21js_ @joinRAD @chicagoRADicals

Here’s the facebook event page for the May Day Anti-Capitalist Demo.

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