Mass Shooting Rating System

Love me or Hate me. Tomorrow I guarantee it will be one or the other…

Be honest, do you really care about the shooting in San Bernadino, except for the same fleeting outrage you feel over any other reality TV story? The happiest man in the world right now is the guy who shot and killed three, including a police officer and a war vet, at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last week. Both of whom were forgotten by a Press that routinely uses cops and vets to argue for guns and against the Black Lives Matter movement. The unhappiest group in the world? ISIS who thought this would engender some sort of backlash against a national minority, reminding the world yet again how hypocritical we are about fake phrases like “civil liberties,” and “freedom.”

We’re still hypocrites on all of that, don’t get me wrong, but surprise, this reality series featuring endless episodes of carnage and mass murder, about which America reacts like an 8 year old on a school playground just doesn’t drive Americans into the streets with pitchforks and torches to smite the wrong-doers. They certainly aren’t serious about the perverse gun religion and violence porn paraded daily on the news.

Incidentally, at my local grocery store Cleavage the cover of Cosmopolitan is covered by a plastic shield, while Guns and Ammo; no shield. The lesson is simple, America loves gun violence. its like someone gave us video game, and every American could own one even though each year the video game was guaranteed to explode in the faces of 33 of every 100 thousand people and would kill 11 of them. To be fair we aren’t the worst for gun violence. We are still beat handily by Swaziland, Guatemala and El Salvador. Still, not as safe as Bosnia and Ukraine, despite their ongoing civil war. No figures currently for North Korea, although they definitely lead us in Anti-Aircraft gun deaths, so that’s something.

Mass murder in American is entertainment. Its a game show. Who’s going to get shot tomorrow? Let’s spin the wheel of potential shooters. Muslim zealot of antiabortion white Christian? Anti-government nut or crazed kid off his meds? How about the crazy bat-sh@t “Its not Happy Holidays, its Merry Christmas,” mongrels? Will it be a church? A school? A mall? Will there be video? Hey mom and dad, look, that’s me leaving the scene with my hands in the air, I’m the 8th in line!

So, taking a page from George Carlin, in a great bit he did on terrorism years ago, let’s not be shy. Let’s really turn this into the proper industry it has become. I am proposing a Mass Murder rating system. The worst, you know, no one killed and no good video would get a Single Bullet rating, one and a half if the shooter goes down in a hail of bullets. Sand Hook Gets 4 1/2. San Bernadino, eh, 2 1/2. It just wasn’t that exciting. Not even the out of their minds Right wing media could muster any hysteria.

Honestly, the lack of real national hysteria over this latest massacre has me rethinking the whole brand. Paris would have gotten 5 bullets easily, except that it didn’t happen here. Sorry, Ricky Gervais’ The Office-the British version- didn’t qualify for an Emmy; wasn’t made here. Maybe time just to cancel the whole series. Doubt if America will do that any time soon.

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