Lazy teachers need a pay cut!

Got your attention? I am about to tell you something that might make you punch the computer. first a few facts and numbers.

We are told that teachers make too much and luxuriate with a plush three month paid vacation, plus spring break, and the holiday break. The average Illinois teacher starts at a base rate of about $37,000 and tops out at an average of around $59,000. many, if not most spend evenings and weekends0 building lesson plans, researching material, grading papers, continuing education, seminars, parent meetings, after school curriculum. I am just skimming the surface, but you get the idea. For their time, and what they contribute to society (The Right drumbeats that it is all about the children) teachers are probably the most underpaid of all public servants.

. Contrast that with the salaries of Illinois State legislatures, who just passed themselves a generous raise, who make $70 grand. By the way, they get half the summer off and, it was announced today, won’t return to work until some time in 2016. Three months plus? Wow, and teachers are overpaid?

Illinois has 59 state senators. Nine more than the US Senate, which represents the entire country. there are 118 state representatives, each pulling $70 big ones, of course while nurturing their real careers, in business, as lawyers and such; ya know, poor and middle class folk like you. of course that $70 Gs doesn’t include a bevy of big boy perks, like a $111 per diem for each session day. i did the math and Jimmy Johns or Subway could cater lunch daily for the entire legislature for about $150 a pay, including chips and soda. what costs $111 a day per? caviar and their own private rickshaw to work everyday? .All total state politicians rack up close to $80k for less time on the job than teachers. And they produce far less!

Compare that with Indiana. where legislatures earn $22,616 annually to 50 senators and 150 reps. Last i looked teachers produce in this state. the same is rarely said of Illinois politicians. But they will tell you the state is broke, except for where their pocket is concerned. they have even posted a website so you can harass your local teacher, as if they were some sort of medieval witch. Meanwhile, while dodging the political bullets of bullies teachers show up everyday for work, stay late and often have to buy resources critical to a child’s learning out of their own pockets. No $111 per diem for teachers. many will continue teaching children through the holiday break, while the bloated and overpaid do-nothings in the Illinois congress enjoy a long, lazy vacation…on your dime.

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