Justice for Laquan McDonald march, Friday, Nov. 27 

laqJustice for Laquan McDonald!
Justice for Jamar Clark!
Police and Vigilante Terror Must STOP!

Friday, November 27
11:00 a.m. – North Michigan & Wacker Drive, Chicago
Look for the Stolen Lives Banner!

Join the Stop Mass Incarceration Network contingent in the Justice for Laquan McDonald march, Friday, Nov. 27 and take defiant and determined action to make clear to everyone that MURDER AND TERROR BY POLICE AND WHITE VIGILANTES MUST STOP! Many different forces, with many different demands, have called for this demonstration. Our position is clear.


After a year of foot dragging, video of the execution of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was released and the cop who gunned him down charged with murder. Laquan was simply walking away when Jason Van Dyke, who had many previous complaints for excessive force and use of the ‘n’ word, shot him 16 times. Watch the video here. (The murder of Laquan McDonald begins at the 5 minute mark of the video. Warning: Very graphic video)

“Chicago authorities are calling for calm now that Van Dyke has been indicted. As Carl Dix said, “NO! HELL NO! People in Chicago and everywhere else must come out on Friday, November 27 to let the powers-that-be know in no uncertain terms that this officially-sanctioned murder—which they have tried their damnedest to cover up—is absolutely unacceptable and illegitimate. ….People everywhere should go out with signs and whistles and begin agitating and raising hell, forming up actions on the spot.

“What are we supposed to do? Wait calmly while the district attorney who forgot how to prosecute when the defendant was the cop who gunned down Rekia Boyd handles the prosecution of another killer cop? While the legal system that denied the family of Darius Pinex even a shred of justice even though it got brought out into the open that the cops who had murdered him had spent years lying about how the killing went down oversees this case?”…

Now that he’s indicted – Convict Jason Van Dyke and Send Him to Jail!

Statement on Laquan McDonald’s murder by Carl Dix


“On Sunday, November 15th, 24 year old Jamar Clark was killed by police (in Minneapolis). The cops claim that Jamar tried to grab one of their guns – but many, many witnesses say that the cops handcuffed Jamar, knocked him to the ground, and then shot him in the head. For nine days a determined, angry encampment at the 4th District Police Station demanded that the video of Jamar’s shooting be made public.

“Last Monday, after days of threats, a group of white supremacists opened fire on the people demanding justice for Jamar, shooting four (none fatally). People in the encampment reported that the police, when they arrived, were more concerned with suppressing the protesters than capturing the attackers. On Tuesday, thousands of people of all nationalities marched in the streets of Minneapolis, demanding justice for Jamar and opposing the cowardly and vicious shooting. The courageous resisters in Minneapolis must be supported.”

Statement on Jamar Clark’s murder by Carl Dix

Join the Stop Mass Incarceration Network contingent at N. Michigan Ave & Wacker Drive, Friday Nov. 27, 11:00 a.m. Come early! Call and bring your friends!

STOP Police Terror!

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