I’m so confused.

So, after watching the video and listening to all of the pundits and advocates of the police state, I am confused. So I picked the top 10 conundrums over the South Carolina school incident. To refresh, a girl who was texting in class was dumped from her chair violently by a policeman, by a policeman, by a policeman…for texting. This dangerous criminal was then dragged, then dragged…dragged by the officer in front of classmates to the front of class where, with a knee in this child’s back, she was arrested. Of course that leaves a couple of glaring questions about the police occupation of America’s schools. So far, they have not stopped a single mass school shooting. All thwarted shootings have been revealed by other students. They also failed to prevent Denny Hastert from abusing boys in Yorkville. But here is the top 10 questions I am confused by:

1. The Right talks a lot about liberty and limited government, but says whenever a cop commands you to do something you must comply. If you need to complain, do it later, or you could get killed. NEVER resist the police, whether its over a cellphone in class, being ordered to disperse during a constitutionally protected protest or if you are a young woman being raped during a traffic stop.

There were more than 4 million results for this in Google, by the way. I had to stop after looking at more than 200 separate incidents.

2. Oversight of police is causing them distress making it impossible for them to do their jobs, but slashing pensions and constant assaults on teachers apparently has no effect whatsoever on the quality of education for our nation’s children.

3. Government is bad, except when it wears a badge and carries a gun.

4. Unions are bad, except when their members carry a gun and wear a badge.

5. We need more oversight of government, except when they carry a gun and wear a badge-unless they are Federal officers and the terrorist organization, the Oath Keepers, thre4aten to shoot them in the desert in Nevada.

6. We must cut costly government pensions, except for those who carry a gun and wear a badge. Listen, we are told, the states and cities are broke. All of the money that you put into your pension, union people, and that we decreed by contract and law would be set aside for your pension was given away to corporations. We are broke now, so solong! $100 billion federally each year by the way in corporate welfare, not including 200-300 billion in tax forgiveness, nor does that include a cumulative corporate welfare giveaway and tax breaks totaling at least $300 billion at the state and local level. If you are keeping count, that’s conservatively between $6-700 billion annually to “free market” capitalism? Welfare to actually in need-imminent starvation and homelessness-is less than a third of that.

7. Abortion is bad because every child is a product of god, except Muslim kids, of course, who are trained to be terrorists from birth, and Black kids, who are thugs and feral children. That’s what they say:

8. Police are shepherds of society, sort of like your parents; if your parents could seize your assets, take away for civil liberties for life and shoot you with impunity. I guess that makes the rest of us Children and sheep.

9. The police… Sorry, I can’t I just need to throw up and take a nap..

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