Help Keep Barbara Conway in her home!


Barbara was so happy to have a home and was looking forward to her time in Woodlawn. She expected affordable monthly payments which she would be able to maintain when signing with BNY Mellon. However as time went on, mortgage payments increased and became unaffordable; Barbara discovered she had an adjusted rate mortgage. Monthly mortgage payments began to sky rocket to $2,500.

Barbara fought over the years between filing Chp 13 and 7 bankruptcies, as well as applying for multiple loan modifications. Inconsistent employment exacerbated her ability to stay afloat. More importantly, BNY Mellon has not helped with any negotiation. And on January 15 2013, New York Bank of Mellon Trust filed for foreclosure. This was the first time Mrs. Conway received court papers, in the mail. She attended court on March 18th 2013 stating her case, and then some; Barbara had stated that BNY Mellon had inaccurate claims on missed payments. This was disregarded.

We demand that The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) stops pursuing the eviction of Barbara Conway and her family. BNY Mellon- the bank which Barbara did not enter into a mortgage agreement with-denied her the ability to work out a solution to save her home. She lives with her daughter at 6612 S. University. After utilizing numerous different avenues to fight for her home, Barbara and her family still want BNY Mellon to work out a solution which keeps the Conways in their home. They are members of the Woodlawn community and believe that displacing people through foreclosure exacerbates community issues.

Please support Barbara by going to the link below and signing her petition:


The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign

To contact the Chicago Anti-Eviciton Campaign, email us at or call (312) 287-7228

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