Gun Free State

Here is the real aftermath of gun proliferation. B9319102156Z_1_20151002095726_000_GHRC3U8CC_3-0

Guns do not lesson the police state, they enshrine the police state. Gun proliferation does not protect freedom, it eliminates it. Everyone presumed a possible suspect in the aftermath. 4th , 1st, 5th and even 2nd amendment rights suspended whenever the police and state decide there is a security risk. Mass searches without warrant. Mass detention. Those suffering and managing mental illness are now trolled by neighbors, law enforcement and the state. For god’s sake don’t reveal that you have ever been depressed, manic, bipolar to any degree. What else becomes scrutiny to the state and to the suspicious minds? ADD. There are calls now to make medical records available to the state as part of ongoing profile and management of who should not only own a gun, but who should be watched and monitored.

You are surrendering your rights through the enrichment of the gun industry.

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