Glenn Beck’s Blaze site and network supporters of Right-wing terrorism, and the fraud of Facebook activism

Nakedly supporting a siege by right-wing sycophants using truckers as surrogates and patsies, Glenn Beck’s media perversion of the First amendment has entered the same arena of facilitating terrorism against the American government that he once accused Al Jezeera of doing with bin Laden affiliated groups. This weekend, a FOX news and Tea Party concocted and driven assault by truckers, endangering thousands of drivers around the nation’s capital, will demand the impeachment and removal from office of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder for “crimes of treason and misdemeanors,” said a spokesperson for an organizer. They also added a demand to “remove all Muslims in our government,” according to the Facebook page, a technology right wing truckers are obviously adept at-indicating someone behind the scenes may be instigating this.

Zeeda Andews

Zeeda Andews

For now the source of all this seems to be a wing-nut named Zeeda Andrews, with shadowy connections to various right-wingers, and who seemed to specifically be highlighted and promoted by Beck’s organization. It is notable that Andrews, who can’t even not look wacko in her Facebook picture is quoted as saying that “Osama Bin Laden is our President Obama do your research. The CIA has been preparing for this since he was a boy. They have same height, bone structure, hands and ears both are left handed the Osama face was created by Hollywood. The fox is in the hen house.” On her Facebook page one trucker went so far as to post this message: “Why does it seem this is a fake page??? Just set up for this agenda… Does zeeda actually exist or is all part of a hoax to trick drivers into thinking there part of a cause…
Would the real Zeeda Andrews please stand up please stand up…(?)truckers where threatening to stop a major highway blocking access to the nations Capitol.. with no protesting permits or any rights… that’s a risk to national security bordering on terrorism.. I’m sure the cops did threaten them right back…. sorry, but DUH!!! “

Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” propaganda and hate site, pretending as news, in the opinion of this writer, bent over backwards to frame, support and excite readers about this blatant act of terrorism. Unfortunately for the Truck-party “patriots,” they could only muster 30 trucks, rather than the thousands they and their media bosses promoted. A number of those were reportedly stopped and warned about disrupting traffic on already congested Washington DC roads, commuters now victims to what amounted to a truck gang. Virginia authorities reported that weather and traffic volumes made the protest virtually inconsequential.

Despite the best efforts of FOX and Glenn Beck, they failed to generate any actual support

Despite the best efforts of FOX and Glenn Beck, they failed to generate any actual support

The turn out was reminiscent of a protest earlier this year by Adam Kokesh, who incited a march on Washington July 4th with guns. Fewer than 10 of the 6,000 Facebook “attendees” appeared. Kokesh loaded a weapon in the pre-dawn hours downtown and posted the video on line while offering explicit threats for a violent uprising against the government. Kokesh was later arrested on weapons charges. On the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” Facebook Page sported 183,000 likes, most of that likely built and artificially generated by various rightwing groups for the appearance of populist support, thousands more pledged to attend, an indictment of the fake activism of Facebook. Pretend activists on all sides of the political spectrum proliferate on Facebook, in which simply clicking the “Like” tab suffices for true activism.

The issue is not whether there are fundamental issues and criticisms, some rising to outright dangers to American democracy and freedom, of the Obama administration and the Democrat Party, but about the duplicity of right-wing terrorists in so-called independent clothing. With both democrats and republicans in government complicit in self-serving and ideological squabbling that is crippling the function and efficiency of the government, imperiling the international integrity of the nation while steadily degrading the integrity of the Bill of Rights, it should be immediately suspect when either side specifically targets the other exclusively as this group has done.

As with Kokesh earlier this summer, this blatant act of bullying illustrates to facts. The first is that the right has reached a level of desperation, and this is the first in what could become a number of violent tantrums for those whose outdated, bigoted and ignorant views are increasingly rejected and marginalized in America. It also underscores the success the right has had in undermining a mature and informed electorate, instead seeding their minds with conspiracies, innuendo and paranoia, which beck has done to great profit. Instead of engaging and maintaining a sustained responsible interest in t heir government, an over-entertained, FOX-hyperbole- fueled audience responds in tantrums and knee-jerk reactions, when all of the issues they should truly care about would find solutions if they had simply paid attention.

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