From the Editor: Paris Coverage

Revolution and Beer will not post reports or news items specifically about the attacks. The events of November 13th, 2015 will become fodder for conspiracies, political posturing, bigotry, fear mongering and propaganda. Revolution and Beer has no interest in pandering to such unproductive and regressive perspectives.

It is not a fear of any single group. Revolution and Beer fears no one and no groups. It does hold ultimate contempt for ignorance. In solidarity of freedom of expression we ran just once a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, but vowed not to repeat the publication out of respect for our Muslim friends and neighbors. We have and will continue to confront ignorance and racism of all kinds be it by members of the Islamic, Jewish, Christian or any other religious affiliation. We also stand in full opposition to systems and groups who rely upon or construct or impose oppression on others, regardless of racial make up, or social ideology.

Revolution and Beer will run stories that contrast or frame the debate in its truest light, such as the media’s tendency to focus on one tragedy while ignoring greater tragedy’s, such as the recent slaughter of thousands in Nigeria, or the systemic oppression of Palestinians or the overt racial antagonism against Jews, the mocking of the Black Lives Matter movement, impositions upon a woman’s sovereignty over her own body, LGBTQ rights, the struggle of immigrants world wide or the ghoulish insanity of groups like ISIS, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

We hope that you understand and support our position. You can find headlines regarding the Paris attack everywhere, we hope that for the most honest and humane perspective you will rely upon Revolution and Beer to carry that torch. We have vowed at Revolution and Beer, and at Que4 Radio in Chicago to be a true alternative to the hyperbole, reactionary reporting and propaganda paraded now as news. We strive to be better, with the longest possible view on events and the broadest possible application of our collective humanity.

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