fLIGHT pLAN pART 4: A Revolution and Beer Novella

There were three hundred and fifty million souls on the planet at the end of the Black death in 1350. Humanity reached one billion as Charles Darwin was beginning his scientific journeys aboard the HMS Beagle, a time span of almost 500 years. It took one hundred and five years to reach two billion, and less than sixty to reach six billion. In 16 years humanity will add another two billion, on a planet that remains exactly the same size as it began.

The prescription for the future is control; control of population, power and resources, setting up a cataclysmic dichotomy. These pillars of control had underwritten the progress and upheavals in the greater narrative of humanity. throughout history civilizations had struggled and fallen over constraints and access to resources.

The Japanese and Nazi expansions of the 1930s and 40s had been over resources. Their opposition had been far less animated over the inhumanity and horror of those expansions than they were over threats to those resources. Capitalism and Communism competed under the banner and control structure of opposing ideologies. But the truth was that Soviet-style Communism did not accommodate the idea of conservation and instead quickly and so thoroughly exhausted its resources that it simply collapsed over its own short-sightedness.
After the collapse of the Soviet system the absence of viable global competition capitalism perverted itself into that same short-sighted mentality that had befallen its antagonist. Where communism had collapsed over short-term material gain, so too capitalism suicide itself over fast abstract financial gain. It betrayed its conservational roots and illusioned itself with the economics of the made up. The theory and practice od capitalism proved every bit as flawed and corruptible as its long dead competitor.

What was worse, those naked capitalists had forgotten, even mocked the simple reality that any economic system was in fact an engine. Recourses, labor and capital maintained the efficiency of that engine. But in just a few decades the pornographers of money had traded the long term efficiency for n orgy of excess and accumulation. the engine had become strained by the extraordinary and dangerous imbalance of unchecked greed. Resources and capital had been pilphered and siphoned, draining ninety percent of the fuel into less that one percent of the participants. Resources and capital pooled obscenely among that one percent, leveraged but not circulated, slowly were grinding the engine to a halt and the world’s economy to the brink of collapse.

On its own that was dangerous enough, but where once nations and empires might once have struggled with distance and time and technology, global trade and instant communication had facilitated the dismantling of the world and the exploitation of short term and disruptive fuel sources.

Populations are hungry, economies of a 21st century scale are ravenous against the finite and rapidly dwindling resources of a small planet. No longer could population and economy be defined on local or even national scales. For the first time the fate and future of an entire species, and indeed the planet hung precariously in the balance, with the ultimate control left exclusively to those plundering oligarchs. They held no regard but for their own aggrandizement and short term whims. they controlled the message to the masses, or brutalized those who questioned and dissented. That threatened as never before every positive advance mankind had ascended to from the beginning of time…

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