“Everything is on the table” in rare interview with Activist/Educator Bill Ayers,

Chicago, October 22. Bill Ayers, iconic member of the controversial 1970’s anti-war group The Weather Underground agreed to an unscripted, uncensored interview on the Revolution and Beer show Saturday at 11am on Que4 Radio, from topics such as education, Black Lives matter, the presidential race, Barack Obama’s presidency, Bernie Sanders, Terrorism and the future of progressive activism. Ayers the author of numerous books and articles including, Public Enemy, To Teach, Fugitive Days, Teaching Revolution and Sing a Battle Song has appeared opposite Megan Kelley on Fox News

In this very rare interview, Ayer has promised that nothing is off the table. With the nation at a clear crossroads politically, economically and socially this interview offers a rare and uncensored glimpse into an iconic and controversial personality who has left an indelible mark on the American landscape. In the wake of Ferguson, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, that perspective may be more pressing than ever. In this candid and exclusive conversation the issue of nonviolent versus violent protest in the context unyielding oppression by the state.

AM1680 Que4 radio is a non-profit community radio based in Chicago. established in 2011, Que4 is dedicated to supporting diversity in Chicago and beyond. it’s organizing principle is to “Create beauty and defend it.” The Revolution and Beer show, with hosts WC Turck, Brian Murray and Jack Hammond talks politics and activism over good craft beer, the way politics should be discussed. The show can be heard Saturdays from 11am to 1pm at www.que4.org.

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