EMERGENCY RALLY- Sat, 8/3, 3pm
Defend Fired Rail Workers’ Jobs!
Saturday August 3rd 2013
Location: 1425 S Western, Chicago, IL
Time: 3:00 p.m

Wear RED and BLACK!

Join us as We Demand:

– The immediate reinstatement of Eric, Dwayne, and Brian.

– Management ceases all of its threats of firing and its attempts to disrupt the NLRB union election by dividing workers with bribery. Treat workers with dignity and respect.

– Management must meet with the workers to discuss job related issues and concerns.


More info:

Rail Service Workers Go on Strike Demanding an End to Illegal Firings

From July 26th to 29th, Management at Mobile Rail Solutions fired three workers actively engaged in unionizing efforts. The termination of these organizers is a direct attack on their Union drive and apparent retaliation for their recent OSHA filings. Management then threatened to continue firing workers showing no respect for their employees or labor law.

In response, the workers have self-organized a strike and will be picketing at Union Pacific’s Global 1 location in Chicago, Illinois. They demand a meeting with Mobile Rail’s general manager to discuss the recent wave of Unfair Labor Practices and for the reinstatement of their three fired workers. With most workers coming to the picket line, they expect locomotive servicing will come to a halt.

The workers at Mobile Rail solutions have organized with the Industrial Workers of the World. Several weeks ago they filed for an NLRB election and hoped to have their voices heard in a secret ballot election on August 14th. With the string of three firings over the course of three business days and threats of more firings to come, they feel that only an Unfair Labor Practice Strike can protect their livelihoods and ensure that all workers get the right to vote for Union representation.

We encourage all union members and supporters to show solidarity and come join the picket at 1425 S. Western from 6 am to 8pm.Contact: Sam Green, 773-728-0996, ghq@iww.org

This past Thursday, WC was able stand on the picket line with Mobile Worker’s Rail Union, on strike over dangerous work conditions, and labor abuses by management. We’ll reach out to Mobile management for there side of the story, and video will be up shortly, but an alarming pattern emerged regarding our interviews with workers. Stay tuned for more on this at Revolution and Beer.

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