Denny Hastert Plea Deal will kill Black teens

An innocent man, Thomas Turner, sits in jail, going on 6 months now. I’ll tell you why in a bit…

The nation suffers from a deficit, but it is not the one you ever here about. Unlike the financial deficit, this deficit actually will kill America’s children, particularly the most vulnerable; inner city youth. The deficit I am referring to is one of moral and ethical leadership. Obama’s failure to prosecute anyone for the completely avoidable and absolutely manufactured financial collapse is one example. Denny Hastert’s plea deal, in which he cops to a throw away lesser charge but is allowed to skate on at least on case, and perhaps numerous cases of child molestation while a teacher at Yorkville high school.

A stretch? We maintain and tolerate a culture of corruption spun by the media, highly connected PR firms and government protectionism that conceals crimes with fraudulent corporate speak, dodges and mafia lawyer-like excuse. It all is paraded as free market capitalism or a means to an end. A mayor sells off public property as if the city was his personal fiefdom and explains it as necessary to bridge a budget gap, despite a secret fund of over a billion dollars that is parceled and passed away to wealthy friends and donors without oversight. A Black man with a gun is a criminal, while a white man with a gun is a patriot. An adult white-ish man shoots a black kid he was stalking at night and skates on a stand your ground statute, but a black woman who fires a gun in the air, in the same state to warn her historically abusive husband who later admitted he threatened to kill her and she goes to jail. A young Black woman going to a new job is tricked into a traffic stop, dragged from her car without charge and winds up dead in what the state dismisses as suicide. Wall street sold an fraudulent illusion in derivatives based on almost nothing many times the actual value of the entire global economy knowing it would collapse (timing it to collapse completely just as Barack Obama took office) and yet those very few who profited were never even talked sternly to. Denny Hastert raped boys, like that Sandusky character, but because one was an assistant coach and the other an influential Speaker of the House, guess who got away with child rape. They all have something in common.

There is no difference between the banker who concocts a scheme to foreclose on hundreds of thousands or millions of poor and working class homeowners by constructing a system of bad loans, red-lining supported by the money-corrupted courts and the kid who puts a bullet in another kid’s head over a West side drug deal. The kid who steals a phone is a playing the game exactly the way the banks did by being allowed to write a “new” law about foreclosures (Never mind ignoring all the consumer and banking laws already in place) in which they also wrote into the law that they were exempt from any penalty for violating the new law. Barack Obama, Bush and Clinton all illegally used the NSA, FBI and CIA to collect data and map relationships of American citizens and the whistle blower, Edward Snowden, becomes the criminal, while citizens recording police and public officials in wrongdoing are arrested, harassed and abused.

The kid with the gun, the gang selling drugs, the guy stealing a phone or copping a feel from the women on the el train, the lady going to a business meeting who blows a stop sign, cuts in line at the market, eats the grapes from the produce table without paying or all of it become commonplace in a society in which the powerful and wealthy are allowed privilege and excuse for their crimes. The rest of us are bludgeoned and bullied when we are simply enacting the same deficit of morality, courtesy, society and ethics people like Denny Hastert, or Jamie Dimon or Rahm Emmanuel take full advantage of.

Meanwhile, an innocent man, Thomas Turner sits in jail now going on 6 months. He was arrested on a gun charge despite his then girlfriend later admitting they were hers. They added to that a vandalism charge based solely on a surveillance video that supposedly shows him in the neighborhood, but which the D.A. has still not produced. There is no case. An independent inquiry all but proved that. But for the DA’s resume eventually Thomas will plead guilty just to get out of jail, do the time first and plead guilty without a trial. The DA will have a conviction/win and one day may stand before a room full of potential voters and point to his conviction record as the reason he’s the right man for the job. And the deficit grows faster, deeper and more catastrophic than any other deficit in America.

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