DARK HORSE: Bomb, bomb Iran…

Why the drumbeat for war with Iran? The plummeting cost of oil. In 2003, after George Bush vowed publically to liberate Iraqi Oil, the major oil companies told him to leave it in the ground. From the 1980s thru September 2003 a barrel of crude went for between $25 and $33. Instability in Iraq, Venezuela and Nigeria pushed it up slightly, then following the invasion the price of crude jumped to over $40 a barrel, and then to $50. Iraqi oil and sanctions against Iran and US pressure on Venezuela kept major market suppliers out of the market. Capitalism, or market manipulation in action? By the end of the Bush administration crude was over $90 a barrel, with oil companies in the west making unprecedented profits. Iran is the 4th largest oil producer, but has been under an embargo for better than a decade.

The low prices represent a market correction, based on true natural market forces of supply and demand. That is not the strategy oil companies in the west have followed. Low oil prices devastate Russia’s economy, which is why he appears more militant lately, as the specter of tension puts scare into the market, raising prices. Low oil prices are great for America’s consumer driven economy. The line is in the $3.5 to $4 dollar per gallon range that hammers businesses and consumers. $60-70 per barrel is optimal for oil companies keeping the US price of gas at around $3, and ensuring large profits, though not the historical ones they once saw (government oil subsidies make up the difference).

Iraq with the ISIS issue keeps that country unstable enough to stagger the production of oil. Bringing Turkey into the war against ISIS (and Kurds) guarantees the reserves in Syria and Iraq remain tied down. Syria and Russia, by the way, are allies and oil business partners. (http://www.ibtimes.com/syrian-oil-gas-little-known-facts-syrias-energy-resources-russias-help-1402405). Curiously ISIS is fighting for those very fields.

Why no reports of Western Oil companies attacked or fleeing ISIS madmen? The Kurds we are supporting to save from ISIS is actually a middleman in blackmarket oil sales from ISIS to the West. Turkey, a NATO ally, also is part of the ISIS to market oil sales pipeline. The British are implicated in that network (http://beforeitsnews.com/awakening-start-here/2015/08/britains-secret-ties-to-governments-firms-behind-isis-oil-sales-and-no-one-saw-it-coming-like-2008-3336.html). The US, who, along with the allies vanquished 26 million Axis troops on land sea across 5 continents in just 5 years in the 1940s cannot destroy 30 thousand fighters in the open desert fighting on a relatively narrow swath of ground in two endemically poor neighboring countries?

The lifting of sanctions on Iran opens up the 4th largest oil reserves on the planet is devastating to Western oil company profits. With more and more pressure on US lawmakers to end corporate subsidies, and with greater pressure from renewable, the only avenue left is war. A republican president, heeding the cries for war, as Ted Cruz and Scott Walker have promised, or a Hillary Clinton administration, re: her Libya and Syrian policies, her policies over Ukraine and Crimea (See my book: A Tragic Fate) and her vote to support the war in Iraq all but guarantees a massive war against Iran. Israel, Hamas the Palestinian question and terrorism are simply the sugar coating on a very bitter pill. They are the trick that moves Americans into supporting war.

And you believed in market capitalism. Bless your heart!


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