Breaking News. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case ruling. WARNING: Extremely (Dangerously) Explicit Language.

A note: The corporate owned news will package and coat the news for you. Sometimes it is important to give the news in the context under which it is warranted, with language that denotes the ultimate in honest analysis. At Revolution and Beer we believe in the power of language. Today’s Supreme Court decision required that sort of honesty, since it represents yet another move towards a fascism of law, policy and culture that favors the wealthy, the powerful and those who are willing to use both to subvert the constitution and roll back the clock on gains that would have this nation truly be a nation of, by and for all of the people. It moves us much farther away from the ideal of respecting and protecting the diversity of this nation in favor of one religion and one race. Our official position on that at Revolution and Beer is…BULLSHIT! new-supreme-court-robes

Suck it, Americans! In a 5 to 4 decision the Supreme Court loudly proclaimed a resounding “fuck you” to non-Christians, and gave a categorical “fuck yeah” to religious tests for corporations. The Supreme Court, which had previously said “blow me” to the constitution and a government by the people and of the people with the Citizen’s United ruling proved that it is possible to speak while simultaneously fellating a corporation and still bone the overage working class and poor citizen. In today’s ruling, they added a specific type of hypocritically hate-motivated Christianity, add yet another dimension to that anti-freedom threesome by pissing on the nation and calling it rain.

Here’s a thought, think this group of devils in dark robes would have come to the same decision if the case was brought by Ahmed’s House of Burqas, because Ahmed decided he wanted an exception to health care because there was a risk one of his employees or their female spouses might go to a male gynecologist? Right? How about it was Pablo’s Taco Emporium not providing contraception to white employees because someone in the church he went to south of the border decided there were already too many fucking white people, and they usually grow up to be racist assholes who commit genocide and become serial killers way more than any other race. The court would have run from that faster than if a monkey was flinging his shit around the court room.Inmates sew at a compulsory drug rehabilitation centre in Kunming

Ponder this: Once again, the law of unintended consequences prevails. Now, because I’m some fundamentalist Christian fuck, maybe I make my employees take a religious test to get hired. No non-believers here! How about a policy that women can clean the aisles and do the cash register at Hobby Lobby, but can’t be managers because women should always be subservient to their men? How about a Jehovah’s witness opts out of prenatal and birth care because in their fuck-face, backwards, 8th Century view of Christianity women should “enjoy” the pain of childbirth without medication (Insert Christian Science here as well)? What if Jimmy’s Jewish pest control service decides not to cover their Palestinian employees, cuz there are too many goddamned Palestinians, or vice versa? Maybe my religion doesn’t like dogs, so hey, blind asshole, fuck you and your mangy dog.

I thought this country was better. I thought people came to this country for safety and true freedom and not just the illusion of opportunity, instead of wallowing in some of the other shitholes of the world. Well, you know how those shitholes happened? BY TAKING THE SAME FUCKING ROAD THAT THIS NATION HAS NOW GONE DOWN! Those countries sucked the dick of the rich and powerful, turning their people into nations of peasants, or keeping that way in this perverse I got mine and you can eat shit, and if you complain we’ll fuck you over mentality. Corruption? Corruption is the powerful pissing on the population and turning them into a desperate mob, some animated by selfishness who, for a few trinkets from the powerful, will cut the throat of fellow peasants for speaking out against power. That’s why the Tea Party was created and now they all have to carry guns. It ain’t cuz their gonna shoot a colored who wants their cellphone, it is, ultimately, to fuck with you liberals and progressives and minorities should you dare open your mouth in any meaningful way. Welcome to the new fucking America.

And for those of you who take exception to the word peasants; look the fuck around! WE ARE A COUNTRY OF PEASANTS, BITCH…thanks to pro-corporate government policies, a minimization of the worker and citizen to the advantage of corporations, rampant consumerism, and a 40 year subversive effort to convince Americans voting and protest change nothing!

Fuck Hobby Lobby. I would not cross the street to piss on the owner’s quaffed hair-styles if they were on fucking fire! I haven’t set foot in that shithole, slave labor death store since they felt the need to wag their Christian dick in everyone’s face, Think of that, think of some poor starving Chinese brat, or some Thai girl who gets paid so little building Hobby Lobby’s cutesy fucking birdhouses that she has to prostitute herself because she doesn’t make enough to feed her kids. How about some teen girl in Indonesia getting routinely raped the next time you’re buying one of the cheap as dirt Christmas ornaments to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. The Jesus, that is, who carrying a fucking AR-15, smacked the shit out of bitches when they forgot their place and believed that getting rich and fucking over the poor was the way to heaven. How’s that for a visual, huh?

How does your Walmart shirt fit? And you wonder why they grow up hating us?

How does your Walmart shirt fit? And you wonder why they grow up hating us?

To put it another way, in honor of the coming holiday: The supreme Court, one of three corporate wholly owned subsidiaries once known as the American government just stuck a Chinese–made Hobby Lobby firecracker up the ass of the nation and lit it in honor of the corporations who now own freedom and parcel it out peacemeal to the rest of us in the form of trash consumerism, status quo news, shitty pop culture and reality television. Happy fucking Fourth of July you cheap beer slobbering, processed food swilling Walmart wearing, Type II diabetes, dumb as bricks schmucks. America, yeah!

WC Turck is an author, artist, playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. His first novel, “Broken” was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published “Everything for Love,” a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo. He wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago. For more information, past shows, videos and articles, visit

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