Capitalism didn’t give you that, nor did the government.

Thank Gaia that we’ve managed to maintain a historical thread of reality through the last century, however timid and broken it may be. There are answers in the history explored below, a long forgotten history that we’ve been coerced into negating. This whispers to the common sense of the community and the village within us; the inclination that leads one to turn to her/his neighbors for help and information before turning to the the state authorities or the closest blaring talking box—because you still know your neighbors and what they go through. Remember that impulse based on instinct? Capitalism didn’t give you that, nor did the government.

From “An Overview of the Spanish Libertarian Movement

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At 11am Today: Bombing Iraq – Chat with Andy Thayer

We’re firing the show up a little earlier again today. When a force as powerful as Flabby Hoffman is barreling at you, you just step to the side and grab it like a train when rumbles by.

Catch us here from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on AM1680, Que4 Radio,

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Murray Bookchin urges us to know the root and possible outcome of our views

“What I am arguing for is the need to closely examine the premises of one’s views, and the ways they could potentially unfold if they are not critically examined and subjected to rational evaluation.”
– Murray Bookchin from the introduction to Which Way for the Ecology a Movement.

I fell into this statement today during some casual reading. The context for the statement is a deconstruction of some of his contemporaries that identified as “deep ecologists.” I appreciate it for it’s radically reflective mandate.

The first two things that come to mind while reading Bookchin’s introduction to “Which Way for the Ecology a Movement” are the exclusionary practices of some vegan and environmental groups, and the argument over whether or not “liberalism” or “the right” is the fastest path to fascism. You’ve likely seen the latter used strategically in opposition politics.

In our current political environment, I generally view this question as purposely muddled and void of context. The people who often raise this question in today’s mainstream discourse often serve merely as talking heads for some variant of Neoliberalism/colonialism—or they’re just flat-out reactionary. Their desired goal in either case is to build up to some form of witch-hunt. It’s often pulls real revolutionaries and innovators into the crosshairs of those guiding the campaign.

On the other hand, for example, when looking at the very pro-environmental perspectives of fascist regimes of the past, you can start to see the need to apply “rational evaluation” to our thinking around our pressing environmental challenges.


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Let the Boy Pick the 6 pack Again

Every now and then it’s fun, and it usually teaches me something about packaging design at least.

He demanded Sushi—I was angling for the Red Lion. We had to walk twice as far for sushi, but it is a BYOB place. We stopped at a good spot in the neighborhood. I was headed for a Solemn Oath barley wine (mmmmm), but some genius placed this right at eye level to my kiddo. Haven’t had it before, but I have to say it wasn’t a bad call. 20140729-194824-71304928.jpg

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Coming Up on Saturday’s Show: Xenophobia, Nationalism, & Deportation

We have a great show coming up this Saturday. We’ll be talking about deportations with Zé, from Moratorium on Deportations. We’ll also explore the reliance of fascist & nationalist parties on xenophobia with Stavroula Harissis of the Chicago ISO.

If you’re curious about how these all tie together into an inhumane and anti-democratic agenda, then listen in from 1-3pm CST on, AM1680 Chicago.

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Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Worth Something

Now that we’re on our way to the morning after, here’s a bit of Irish Labor history to make the hangover worth something:

“In 1913, in response to the Lockout, he, along with an ex-British officer, Jack White, founded the Irish Citizen Army (ICA), an armed and well-trained body of labour men whose aim was to defend workers and strikers, particularly from the frequent brutality of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.”

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Interview: What Inspires a Chicago Public School Teacher?

On Saturday, March 15th, 2014, Anne Carlson and Juan Gonzalez of Drummond Thomas Montessori School in Chicago joined us to talk about what inspires them as public school teachers, and why they joined many teachers and parents across Chicago to boycott the ISAT test.

Download the MP3 here.

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On Today’s Show: Melinda Power on International Women’s Day

Listen in at AM1710 or stream live at ( on mobile)

Today we’ll be having a beer with activist, lawyer, and feminist Melinda Power of the West Town Law Office. She’ll be discussing her long history of work for social justice in Chicago as well as International Women’s Day.

Tune-in, call-in (773) 217-8344), and comment with your perspectives and questions about the importance if this day. If you don’t get enough on the topic from the show, you can catch Melinda, along with many other strong advocates for justice, at the Previous Administration (one of our absolute favorite bars) this evening from 5-7 p.m. For an open discussion and festivities in celebration of this important day. Details of the event are below.

Previous Administration
Gonna talk feminism, what it means to us and our society.
3154 W Diversey
Sat mar 8, 5pm to 7pm
Intl womens day!

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Important NATO3 Update Missed on Saturday’s Show–Please Write and Donate

“We all wasted a lot of money on the war on terror, because if these guys are terrorists, we’ve got nothing to worry about.” – Thomas Durkin, Jared Chase’s defense attorney

Our apologies to the NATO 3 and the NATO 3 defense committee for not getting an update out to our listeners concerning Friday’s follow-up hearing in the trial of Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, and Jacob Church. In all the shuffle and discussion over the ISAT situation on last Saturday’s show that, we forgot to give an update on the air.

On February 28th, Judge Thadeus Wilson set the tentative sentencing and post-trial motions date of April 25th. In addition, the defense team filed a motion for acquittal based on the evidence presented earlier in the trial. We’ll keep our fingers crossed but won’t hold our breath, seeing as Judge Wilson rejected an earlier bid to toss-out the terrorism counts brought by States Attorney Anita Alvarez via a little-used terrorism statute. Lest we forget that Alvarez has a long track record of defending police misconduct.

The verdict was reached back on February 8th when, after 8 hours of deliberation, the jury acquitted the 3 men of providing material support for terrorism and conspiracy to commit terrorism. They did, however, convict them of two counts of misdemeanor mob action and two felony counts for possessing an incendiary device. The last conviction is odd because the recordings by undercover police officers indicate quite clearly that the officers prodded the three activists through the entire process of making Molotov cocktails from conception to semi-completion.

As we discussed with local journalist Chris Geovanis on our show earlier in February, it was very telling that the Federal Government had little to do with this otherwise high profile terrorism case. This implies that there was a concern about the strength of the case that warranted avoidance of giving the defense a national stage to point out some very un-constitutional activity and possible entrapment, carried out by the police infiltrators.

We obviously feel that the conviction is excessive, and the cost of the entire NATO legacy, not only to the three activists but also the city and the state, is terrible. Please consider donating to help with their legal costs and commissary needs. You can also write letters and send them books and postcards. To find out how, visit You can also check that site out for updates as they come along.

For more information about the trial and what the activist community in Chicago is doing to help, check out our interview with a member of the NATO 3 defense committee:

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Sean Hannity is a SnakeOil Salesman (Bakken that is)

Here we go with the carrot-dangling, smoke-blowing, shameless, self-righteous insults that get thrown at working-class people trying to stay employed like lit cigarette butts.

BREAKING NEWS!!! According to Sean Hannity, you unemployed folks out there would be gainfully employed; making between 70 and 100k a year, if you just moved to North Dakota.

Listen to Hannity’s big-tent solution.

As far as news reporting goes, I think this gentleman ought to get Hannity’s job:


Keystroke Lashing

And then there’s this lovely little reply to a request to connect from Job Bank head Kelly Blazek–ironically Cleveland’s “Communicator of the Year”:

“I love the sense of entitlement in your generation,” she wrote, then continued. “You’re welcome for your humility lesson for the year. Don’t ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you, just because you want to build your network.”

And what did the “entitled” young lady do to deserve such a rotten keystroke lashing? She emailed Ms. Blazek asking to be added to her job board. Read the full story here.

I would like to add snakeoil salesman to Sean Hannity’s title. Also, I think Blazek just raised the bar on the definition of “rejection letter” quite drastically.

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