Hybachi and Sabina were arrested in Allentown, PA in July 2015

Please show some solidarity and donate to their legal fund <https://fundly.com/free-sabrina-and-lemar>, attend their court date, or participate in the phone Zap supporting them – updated details on the situation provided by Lehigh Valley IWWs bellow:

“Hybachi Lemar, who has recently done a lot of work in Chicago but has roots in the LV, was arrested while back in Allentown. He did work with IWOC (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW) toward organizing prisoners and fought the evictions of working class people in Chicago and elsewhere.

Hybachi was arrested and charged with weapons possession — as an ex-felon he is facing steep charges. He and his partner Sabrina (who was arrested with him) are undoubtedly victims of systemic oppression. There are many private details of Lemar’s initial felony charge in the 90’s and the most recent charges against both him and Sabrina that illustrate the inequality within our system. Lemar is being subjected to “Strip Cell” segregation conditions which amount to torture, and he was frequently subjected to segregation when attempting to organize prisoners when previously incarcerated.

What can we do now to help Sabrina and Lemar? We’re working on getting people to turn out for support for his hearing on Tuesday, 7/21 at 2PM. There’s also a Fundly fundraising campaign and call for a phone zap to the warden of Lehigh County Prison.

1) The Hearing:
The hearing will be held at Lehigh County Courthouse (455 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA) on Tuesday, 7/21 at 2PM in the courtroom of Judge Michael Faulkner. You do have to go through a metal detector to get into the building and the line can get long, so it’s recommended to arrive by 1:30PM and to not bring a lot of things into the courthouse. It’s apparently being held in courtroom 1C, but it would be a good idea to meet in the foyer just beyond the metal detector (in front of the elevator) and enter as a group. It would also be pretty great to wear wobbly attire and/or the color black in solidarity.

2) The Fundly Account:
We’re trying to raise a retainer so that Lemar and Sabrina have access to competent legal counsel — please donate if possible or share widely – https://fundly.com/free-sabrina-and-lemar/

3) Phone Zap:
Call Lehigh County Jail Warden Janine Donate in Allentown, PA, at (610)782-3175. Tell her or whomever you speak to that Bondi DeBooth (Lemar’s “legal” name), prisoner #54971, is a respected community activist, is not suicidal, should be immediately be removed from “suicide watch” and placed in the jail’s general population.”


-​- For the One Big Union –

       Alison Olhava
(847) 707-5181


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Streaking Rahm: Of Course She did it for the Money

Streaking_RahmOf course Jackie S. streaked Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the $250k–but what for? She’s not the kind of thrill-seeking attention hound that we often expect when we someone pull a prank of this nature. Listen to a bold, intelligent, and committed young woman who decided to pay Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel an awkward surprise visit.

Listen on archive.org.

Thanks to Natalie Wahlberg for helping connect the dots.

Watch the clip below to see the awkward encounter:

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CAKE and Revolution and Beer

On this show we’re joined by Max Morris of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), as well as by our good friend Michael Henderson who is now the record-holder for the longest foreclosure in U.S. history. Catch CAKE this weekend. IT’S FREE AND IT’S AWESOME.

Our featured beer was Metropolitan Brewing’s Arc Welder Dunkel Rye Lager.


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Rascal Martinez on Revolution and Beer Artist Spotlight

rascal1On this very special show we explore the songwriting of Rascal Martinez, a fresh new singer/songwriter from Nebraska. You may have heard him on the show before, but his new album, The Original Acoustic Sessions, is powerfully inspired. If you like music from the heart, you’ll find this exclusive interview soul-southing. For those who grew up listening to Buddy Holly or Johnny Cash, and you wonder what happened to music…

We highly recommend you getting a copy of  Rascal Martinez’s new album: The Original Acoustic Sessions.

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Old Single Mom Pays Us a Visit

The_Original_Acoustic_SessionsWell, WC found a hell of a stand-in for this show. While I was out being an old single dad, he replaced me with the amazing Old Single Mom (btw, she’s not that old). The balance is great and she definitely provides a much needed perspective on the issues that were discussed. We also played some amazing new tracks from Rascal Martinez’s new album: The Original Acoustic Sessions.

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IWW Toronto Members: How Students & Faculty get it Done

Sandwiched between Mayday and The Anniversary of Kent State, and nestled on a bed of Chicago Spring, we packed the Que4 Radio studio with industrial unionists and old friends to discuss labor, higher education, and environmental justice. We were joined by Brianne Bolin of Precaricorps, Max Baru and Katie Leonard of the IWW. We also are joined by Bret Hamilton of Save Columbia here in Chicago. Our friend and past co-broadcaster, Mike Nowak, sat in to provide his extremely knowledgeable perspective, as well as our fav fem-fatale Catherine “Povs” Povineli. There was also a pleasant surprise visit from Chicago 1st Ward aldermanic challenger and civil rights lawyer Anne Shaw. We even had live breaking updates from the UK concerning the arrival of the recent royal seed. All this on the defiantly unique and original programming provided by AM1680, Que4 Radio, in Chicago. Stream this original programming at www.que4.org. Follow our blog here at www.revolutionandbeer.com.

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Julia Pham of Relish Underground Dining Does a Mean Rosie Perez

The beautiful Julia Pham, chef and founder of Relish Underground Dining, joins us to talk about food, city regulations, the price of getting noticed, and just about everything from gender to Rosie Perez. You gotta hear her impersonations. Thanks to Drew Prince of Magic Radio Chicago for connecting us with Julia. Thanks to Darren Wilson and Phil Banks for adding some great commentary to the discussion.

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Kerry Junior: A Musician and a Story You Want to Hear

Our featured guest on the January 15th show was singer songwriter Kerry Junior. This talented fella’ from Gary Indiana—originally born in Chicago—played his beautiful blend of folk and acoustic pop for us live in the studio. Kerry also shared with us his powerful story of growing up without talking until a very late age, which is quite hard to believe were you to meet him now. He was also brave enough to stick around for the rest of the show and share his thoughts on topics related to personal motivation, inner-city living, drinking, and policing in communities. Thanks to Jason Scott Page for starting us off. Darren Marshal, AKA the Minister of Useless Information, also joined us for a drink and some laughs.


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Tim Meegan, Ward 33; How to Challenge an Incumbunt

This segment of Tim Meegan’s speech at a fundraiser last night does an excellent job of outlining the basic challenges of having a city government run by patronage, dynasty, and nepotism. The event took place at Revolution Brewing’s North Kedzie tap room in Chicago. Tim’s running an amazing campaign and was recently approved to appear on the ballot in this upcoming city election. In addition, the “Elected School Board” ballot question also passed and will appear on the ballot.

Check out our full interview with Tim Meegan to hear a lot more about his thoughts and concerns as a father, a high school teacher (talk about front lines!), and an engaged member of his community.

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Rob Poe, Chicago’s Mushroom Man

On this show, Rob Poe joins us to talk about poaching, foraging, mushroom cultivation, and Permaculture. Rob is a bit of an encyclopedia on these topics, as well as Nature Deficit Disorder. Rob’s business, Chicago Mushroom Man, aggregates wild mushrooms for local high-end restaurants. You can find out more about him at his website.

Also joining us is Jeff Sweeton, tech instructor and organizer of Chicago’s Global Cardboard Challenge event. Chicago’s second annual Global Cardboard Challenge happens every October at Civiclab.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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