A Brief Conversation with an Alien-no the outer space kind…

I went for a walk the other night in the woods a few nights back, gathering my thoughts and contemplating my life, the world and the swath of brilliant stars above through the trees. Suddenly one of them moved, seeming to tumble towards me. It veered at the last moment, gliding to an astounding, silent and instantaneous stop among the trees a short distance away, and just above a small clearing. My heart raced, and I had a sense that I should run, but was so taken by this extraordinary moment I remained, even edging from the path, where the grass crunched lightly beneath my feet.
It was indeed an object of some sort. Odd that the light surrounding that smoothly polished body, the color of a blue opal was almost soothing. I angled towards a large maple, placing it partly between myself and the object. Though there w ere no markings seams or rivets of any kind I had a sense that it turned, as though facing me directly.
I had no impression or recollection of a door opening. but I was immediately aware of an opening, and all at once a small figure standing before me.
I might have been shocked or frightened, but I was now looking into the deepest, darkest pools of a small creature’s eyes. There was no emotion in the creature’s pale face, only a feeling that I had nothing at all to fear.
“Thank you,” the creature said.
I can’t say if it was a male of female voice, and I had no impression that its thin lips moved at all. And it wasn’t in my head, but seemed to be in some space between us, where common air existed and in which our own thoughts remained our own.
“Thank you?” I asked. “I, uh, I have a feeling I should be thanking you,” I chuckled. “I really don’t know what…”
“Its understandable. You’ll have a million questions tomorrow, but not a single one right now, am I correct?” said the being.
“Wow,” was all I could think to say. “I suppose I’m not representing the species too well that I can’t come up with one interesting thing to say, huh? I mean, you came all of this way…”
“So why don’t I do the talking and see if I can’t anticipate a few thousand of those questions. How’s that?’
“Thank you,” was all I could think to say.
“There is so much,” began the being. “We just haven’t time for…You are devout to your world, and more devout to your species, and paramount to yourselves. So are we all. You are a miracle. I am a miracle, just as all life is throughout this great universe; and it is great indeed. All of us are the consciousness or a great universal organism. If you take nothing from this, understand that the circle of life is around you in ways yet to be fully imagined. Your world is not merely a host that carries life. It is a living thing, just as the galaxy and universe, and all of the universes are so much more than mere assemblages of random matter. They are teeming, and they are life themselves. Render them from this moment forward in that light and you will begin a new paradigm…oh, crap, look at the time. I really have to fly.”
“Wait,” I exclaimed, ignoring his terrible pun. The being seemed to reappear in the opening of the vessel without the passage of time, as if melting across space between here and there.
“You’ve got questions, don’t you?”
“I think might head might…I just can’t think of a question…Why can’t you stay longer?” I pleaded.
But the vessel was already climbing through the trees where it lingered for just a moment. As fast as I could imagine it disappeared among the stars. I laughed, settling back against the tree, where I tried to take all of this in, to convince myself that it was all a dream, though I knew better.
It was just before dawn then I finally left the forest. The morning dew was already collecting. I could hear traffic in town a mile or so away. Of coarse I would never tell a soul about this. Who the hell would believe such a wild tale, but I tell you it happened, as sure as I’m sitting here. Believe what you will, and if nothing else just ponder the message. All the rest you can discard as the ramblings of a very confused mind…
Turning, I looked skyward, and at just above a whisper said, “, Damn, I just thought of a question…”

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