Beer of The Week

Crabbie’s original Ginger Beer: This is quite a sweet one.


So… We’re a little less radical as a team when it comes to beer. Not quite militant reactionaries, such as strict adherence to the old German Reinsheitgebot-the purity law for beer, backed-up by a federal offense akin to whistle-blowing, but beer is beer. It’s so easy to appreciate a beer layered with different ingredients. Hinterland’s Maple Bock, Anchor’s Christmas ale, Revolution Brewings’s A Little Crazy Ale, Anything from Ommegang and Great Lakes, Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter, we’re talking about a serious palette. Then there’s 5 rabbit’s offerings, with which seasonings and spices are boldly used, yet the balance is that of refinement. Crabbie’s Original Ginger Beer is something entirely different than any beer I’ve tried before.

Want to know how different? You can find the rest of our impressions here.



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