David Bowie Dead, just in Time

David Bowie is Dead. Hmm. There’s a joke by comedian Doug Stanhope that goes something like this; maybe Kurt Cobain didn’t die too young. Maybe he was just out of stuff. can you imagine if Jimmy Hendrix had lived and then you see him doing half-time duets with Elton John, singing Rocket Man. And you’d say, how sad is that, why didn’t he just die? What if Lenny Bruce took over for Andy Rooney, some crusty old man bitching about ATM fees…

This society clings a little, rather, a lot too hard to the quantity of life instead of the quality of it. I’ve had people brag how they never have had a major accident or broken a bone. I’ve broken 11 major bones, excluding most of my fingers and toes, caught a ricochet bullet in the shin, suffered so many concussions that a neurosurgeon friend once said he wouldn’t even guess at a count. The scars on my body are a road map of my life. Car accidents, bike accidents. I’ve been shot at more times than I can count, not to mention being bombed and shelled as well, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’ve written 11 books, published 5, had 2 critically acclaimed plays, and painted artwork that is now all over the world. I’ve done everything, live a war, seen the worst man can do and see the most we are capable of. I’ve fought for the least among us and against injustice without financial reward; and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I strove for experiences, to break out of my comfort zone and to explore fully the spectrum of human emotion. I will carry those in the only suitcase I can carry from this life, happy there isn’t room for anything else in that bag. I’m not David Bowie, but he wasn’t me either.

As for David Bowie’s passing? Funny, yesterday morning, driving the wife to work, I was suddenly in the mood to hear some of his music. Working on the new novel later that morning, I casually explored some of his lesser known work. When the wife announced that he’d died this morning, my first reaction was, well, that’s the end of an era.

One thing is certain, just being born is responsible for more human suffering and carries, by responsible estimation, nearly a 100% mortality rate. Trust me, I spent all night double checking the statistics. Which begs the question of which David Bowie, or you, would you rather have? David Bowie, fans of Ricky Gervais will recall, played a bit part in the TV show Extras, little more than a decade ago. His song parody of Gervais’ character was about not selling out, which Bowie never did.

So, again, which Bowie do you want? How much sadder would it be to see him years from now, hobbled in a wheel chair, oxygen tubes up his nose, bent and mumbling to himself grasping desperately against eternity for every breath, clinging to an ever more distant past in which he is less and less a shadow, or the man who bowed gracefully when he was finished, walking proudly from the stage of life to eternity?

The lesson here is live a life of quality. Experience, suffer, exalt, explore, fail, rise up again in as passionate a life as you can dare. That’s the stuff of our lives. back to Stanhope, “your sins are the only thing that make you interesting!” one of my grandfather’s, many years ago, as he was dying of cancer, remarked to me that being eaten by a bear was the better fate. I put that in my first book 25 years later.

And it’s true. Recall the guy some years back you got killed by an escaped tiger at the San Diego zoo. What happened to Bob? He got eaten by a tiger, in California! Wow, that’s incredible. As opposed to, did you hear about Bob? yeah, after an unfulfilling life as a middle manager in an actuarial firm, all those high calorie lunches finally got the better of him. Died right at his cubicle, just as his divorce was about to be final as well.

Quantity is a beggar’s game, because in the face of eternity, it is meaningless. Quantity is the existential equivalent of a flat line. Take a page from Bowie and good theatre people and know when its time to take a bow, and leave them wanting more. Rock on, David Bowie!

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Feeling Punked over Guns

Everyone knows by now I just am in love with everything democrat. The two party system is the best system ever. In fact, if god himself/herself could have invented the perfect political system it would be one in which two dominant parties could become so confident of their divine calling that they would nobly and bravely ignore all of the voters in the nation and instead tell them whom they should vote for, rather than having to suffer the strain and indignity of having to decide for themselves.

We sure did hear a lot about guns this year. Every time Obama said something like, “whoa, guns” the rightwing media erupted with screams decrying gun grabs by the government. Recall Des Moines and Salt Lake City, in which Obama goons in black armor helicoptered in and confiscated all of the guns. But the media hysteria was the alarm to a public to rush out and buy guns before they were banned. The result, despite an, eh, year for the stock market saw gun profits were through the roof.

I naively asked why Obama was essentially silent and action-less on gun issues of any kind, save for the occasional laconic “somebody ought to do something, sometime,” which translated into “FOX-ese,’meant, of course, GUN BAN! But what if it was all just a game? Hmm. What if both parties really were the same, except to make it competitive and compete for individual fortunes and privilege through the dichotomy of their respective bases. Sort of like, people from both parties went off to lobbying firms, Monsanto, weapons industries, banks and oil companies? Wouldn’t that be a co-inky-dink?

So maybe Obama, who spent far more energy getting TPP passed than he did on single payer, who could have paid the mortgages of damn near every foreclosed homeowner instead of the trillions given to banks, is in the pocket of the gun industry. Okay, maybe just in the pocket of the corporate America, you know like giving insurance companies a windfall which is enforceable under penalty of law, or a backdoor boost to companies who no longer need to offer insurance or fulltime work as part of a compensation package.

And maybe going after whistleblowers as if they were public enemy number one is all just a coincidence, sort of like fining an oil company within their profit margin after a historic oil spill destroyed tens of thousands of lives, killed as many as three dozen (including suicides, but not cancers) and ruined the Gulf of Mexico. That’s all probably coincidence.

So the gun industry finishes the year with record profits. How to start the new year, at a time when the economy is struggling and the stock market is getting pounded by the China market? Let’s put our heads together and find something that isn’t affected by China. I know, GUNS!

So Obama has been silent, or at the very least ineffectual about anything on guns. So why now? Within hours before Obama even said a word on gun violence the gun industry, gun legislation or gun banning. Where were the presidential orders to stop straw purchases or gun show loopholes? So why now? The Gun industry and NRA will happily tell you. It’s because its a new year. Profits are up just on the word of the industry’s best salesman, according to ex-congressman Joe Walsh. And that may be the only time I ever agree with that child support abandoning, self-felating, gun pornographer-pushing, tea bagging, anti-Christian, lying, pretend tough guy, hypocrite and cat raping, Joe Walsh.

I just threw in the cat raping part for purely satirical and political commentary purposes, pursuant to my first amendment rights and antipathy for cats. Still, I can’t help feeling I have been punked, and while my disdain for the right and gun-porn industry remains peaked, I have a feeling Obama’s hands are hardly clean on this one too.

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Hey, Dork. Pithier, not a louder Left

Ted Cruz said show him one mass shooting that gun laws prevented. Which mass shooting did guns prevent? Leftie’s and reasonble gun owners need to get more sarcastic not louder. Take these examples:

1, Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terror… Okay, then not all white people are KKK, but all KKK is white people.

2. That child you abort might one day grow up to cure cancer…or, that child you fail to abort might one day grow up to kill the person who would have cured cancer.

3. It was a cool summer in Des Moines, where’s your global warming now? Answer, the world is round and your head is square.

4. “So-called” Muslims need to clean up the extremists in their midst if they really are a religion of peace…to, does that also apply to “so-called good” cops?(Also will accept “does that apply to leagal gun owners?)

5. Gun laws won’t prevent criminals from getting guns. Um, do laws prevent criminals from breaking any law?


6. Gun laws won’t prevent criminals from getting guns. Car thieves still steal cars, does that mean you shouldn’t have a license, or car insurance?

7. I can’t vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders, well then, you definitely wouldn’t have voted for Washington, Adams, Jefferson or Lincoln. “We the people?” or “Union” let alone “more perfect union,” or “welfare,” in the constitution? Or is it that the Right only believes that its only about the guns and Blacks as 3/5 a person?

8. also not in the constitution, the word freedom, internet, porn, gay, abortion, AR-15, big gulp, god, Christian, apple pie, Chevrolet or immigration.

Sometimes the only cure for stupid is a good strong whack to the head.

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On Gun Porn. Did you know:

Israel is more anti-gun than Obama.

They regulate, ownership, the type of weapon and the amount of ammo an owner can have or buy. Sales and transfer of guns and ammo are strictly regulated, with stiff penalties for violations. Gun ownership is very low, and so are homicides and gun suicides. The US is first in ownership, Israel 80th. All weapons and ammo are marked. Gun manufacturers must keep records of every weapon produced. In Israel, the law does require that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register, unlike the US. In Israel, gun owners must re-apply and re-qualify for their firearm license every three years, unlike the US.

In Israel, authorities maintain a record of individual civilians licensed to acquire, possess, sell or transfer a firearm or ammunition, unlike the US. The minimum age for gun ownership in Israel is 27 years. Applicants for a gun owner’s license in Israel are required to establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm, for example self-defense, hunting and sport, unlike the US. The US ranks 91st in the world for per capita murder rate, compared with Israel at 144th.

So the next time you hear gun pornographers from the right and the NRA say we should look to Israel as an example on guns, maybe the Right is, well right!


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_countryjesus with guns1

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