So long, Joe

It’s 2015. That is an important fact to establish before continuing here. But for a few hardcore Chinese astrologers, some rabbis and Donald trump supporters who start over on the annual calendar each time they finish counting fingers and toes, at least we can all agree on that much.

Recently I heard a Geico car insurance commercial marketed at Millenials touting how the company has been in business for 75 years, with a tag line, “Didn’t know they had cars 75 years ago…” Now, recall, we all agreed that it is 2015. Do the math. 75 years ago was 1940, the second World War, a year before Pearl Harbor. And if you don’t know what Pearl harbor was, and think that it starred ben Affleck, relax, this article isn’t for you; its about you. Also, if curse the Japanese every December 7th, seventy-four years later, seventy years after the war ended rather than understand that it was part of a process comprised of contributive players, economic bullying and complex relationships, this article is about you too. It is also about a media that, rather than building relationships and strengthening community has instead exploited our basest greeds and f ears and is rushing us for the sake of content, ratings and exciting video to the precipice of destruction.

Too much? It was all made clear to me last night while enduring another chimp-like car hood pounding theatrical tantrum about how the murder of a Houston cop was “an attack on America!!!!!” It might well have been about the Islamic onslaught upon Western over-privilege.

Where once I might have argued or even cared, wrongly believe that any of what happens in the media or on Walsh’s show is out differences of opinion, and that there was any interest at all in conversation or debate I under stand now that Walsh, Limbaugh, Hannity, Rachel maddow and the rest are salespersons without any redeeming value.

I work daily, through this blog, the radio show interactions with those who challenge my (Instead of cocooning with those who agree with me) assumptions, the corporate media, where as Walsh is a willing paid employee who cares nothing about his audience except as a means to a sale. It’s really like trying to convince a Yugo salesman to make the case for an AMC Pacer. I know, that dates me, but it works.

Its all so boring. Limbaugh, Walsh, Coulter and all the re st are boring. I mean they are driving political dialogue, frightening the old people who will vote for the deadbeats, like Walker, Trump or Bush who will waste more years in regressive, predatory politics and socially stagnate engineering. Every time a white guy shoots up a mall it’s the instant obligatory defense of guns accompanied by the pre-emptive bluster that the Left is politicizing gun control. Immigrants are coming to steal your jobs and go on welfare all at once, and Jorge Ramos is there leader. No one ever quite seems to notice that every issue by the Right is constructed on oxy-morons by actual morons. These are tough guys decrying the feminization of men while carrying a gun everywhere they go. Global warming, for example is such a hoax that the Pentagon which “gave America freedom” and can do no wrong, unless Obama gets involved is actively planning for the unavoidability of global warming. A white tea partier and his wife execute two Nevada cops and proclaim revolution, one of dozens of such slayings of police by white supremacists since 9-11-2001, is never referred to by Walsh and the others, but a 15 year old boarding a plane in Minneapolis to join ISIS proved America is under siege. A black kid with a gun is a feral throw away, but a white kid who maliciously runs down children in Texas deserves a second chance because he has a future.

It’s not really about Walsh. When he says “Blue lives matter” as a slam to Black people concerned about an out of balance system trend taking the lives of far too many Black young men and women, but then attacks public sector unions, most of which are police, no one seems to notice the hypocrisy; least of all cops, who flock to Right wing reactionaries, rather than the Left who would, with reforms protect their jobs and benefits. But Walsh is a symptom. He is a pee stain on the chinos of life., or an oozing pustule.

Earlier this year Walsh publically promised to debate me. He made that debate on the air. I promised to buy the beer. He has my number. He has never called. I am not rescinding the offer, but I also can’t suffer an unrepentant fool and a huckster. If he calls, I’m there, with the beer. I’m not holding my breath. He’s a coward. He has to live with that.

It’s just no interesting any more, Joe. It’s all the same day in and day out. He accomplishes as much for community and America as those squabbling, cackling over-indulged housewives on those reality shows speak to geo-politics and quantum mechanic, or simply just getting along with neighbors. Geico’s commercial reflects and supports a culture of idiots, no-nothings and fools. As long as it contributes to the purposeful dumbing down of our country and the national/international conversation, like Walsh does nightly, I’m not buying any longer. I’m not even listening.

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