A Big Thanks to Mystery Street Recording Company

Mystery Street Recording Company

Mystery Street Recording Company

Thinking about what we’re thankful for at Revolution and Beer today gave me the overwhelming urge to express our sincerest gratitude to Joe Tessone, of Mystery Street Recording Company. Joe runs a fantastic Recording Business that’s worker owned and operated. They provide a full studio, with classic analogue effects and digital wizardry to boot. There’s also rehearsal space for bands too. It’s a great atmosphere to grow as a musician. They also provided us with the great theme music that you hear at the beginning of our recent series of episodes.


The Rust Best Ramblers Live

The Rust Best Ramblers Live

As we were approaching the airing of the second series of our CAN TV show, we had the strong desire to have a song from a local artist that was powerful and representative of our working class struggles. I contacted Joe, who is also a member of the Rust Belt Ramblers, about using one of his band’s songs as the intro for both the TV show and our online exclusives. Atonement, featuring K. Loren Fleming II, was the choice. We cherry-picked a verse from the song that really seemed to scream what we often felt.

Music and art is extremely important to us, as it is the best way to communicate the vision of a revolutionary society. We’re extremely greatful for all of the amazing artists that we know. The world would be really lame without you.

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Updated: Don’t Be A DemAss Part 1


“Abstract promises about increased jobs and exports misrepresent the real overall effects of trade on the U.S. economy. Trade both creates and destroys jobs. While exports tend to support domestic employment, imports lead to job displacement: As imports are substituted for domestically produced goods, production that supports domestic jobs falls, displacing existing jobs and preventing new job creation.” (source)

So, we here at Revolution and Beer don’t wear anyone’s jersey but our own. There is a very cultish atmosphere surrounding Hillary Clinton’s (#Hillary2016) prospects of a 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. It a bit frightening, and it seems the behavior of this cult only promises to further isolate the working class from the Democratic Party, and mainstream political discourse. If you want to see what kinds of creatures step into fill those voids, look at what’s happened in North Carolina. Hell, look at the leadership produced by the Tea Party movement.

As my father used to say, “never trust a fanatic of any kind.” That’s straight from the mouth of a true believer in our government, longtime government employee, and committed democrat. I, of course, did not come out that way.

Yesterday, I got banned from a page supporting democrats in 2016 (actually, just Hillary I learned) for asking questions. I grew up in a small town in the south, and witnessed first hand what happened as NAFTA was being implemented, and big tobacco was being pursued in court. It was devistating to the small town economy, and leads me to a mantra that many of my good friends are familiar with: “The South may never vote another Clinton into office.” Admittedly, this is a personal soar part for me. I’ve had many other experiences as I’ve ventured into Mexico, and formed deep friendships with the real left in this country. All of these experiences have lead me to denounce the neo-liberal, right-leaning policies that were brought into the mainstream political spectrum by Clinton and the like. It lead me to support Nader in 2000 (I know, booooo!!! I lost Gore the election). However, this first-hand experience; which became very personal as my father lost his non-profit job and went to work in the few remaining manufacturing plants as a temp worker, has always been my main reason for turning a cocked-eye to knee-jerk support for #Hillary2016… until I ran into this:



I was speaking from my heart; my queries were sincere. There are typos, and I wasn’t citing sources, but planned to return and provide them. This is very real to me.

When I asked why one of them was punctuating every sentence with exclamation points, I was accused of insulting him, and they pretty much swarmed on me. There were some great off-thread posts on the page specifically targeted at me, and I started getting private messages from David Simms, who is an admin for the page. If you want dirt on centrist democrats, and you want to see how they’re followers are no better than the tea-party ideologues they claim so much to despise, I highly recommend this page.

Part 2 will be the “chat” I had with David Simms, who banned me from the group. I did get rather angry during that one. I’ve never actually intentionally trolled anyone, but I’m starting to feel inspired.

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In a perfect world…not so fast. McDonald’s and the Fight for 15 reality.

Fight for $15? What if I said McDonald’s could pay their workers $15-17 an hour, they just don’t want to? Now what if I said they could pay that much-or more-and still maintain their current profits? What would you say? Now what would you say if by doing all that we also reduced taxes, the deficit, hunger, and crime? In a perfect world, right? Not so fast.

Seriously, this isn’t an attack on McDonald’s. I actually liked some of their offerings, that is before I developed severe hypertension. Oops. This is, however, about a better world, and about solving problems. McDonald’s is just an easy illustration. They provided the numbers. I just crunched them. And so, here are the numbers…

First, since McD’s is international, we need to isolate domestic from international, at least for now. Once we win this the next logical and moral target must be for an international minimum wage, pegged to national output and with international legal ramifications for violators. One battle at a time.

So here are the numbers…their numbers. First, there are almost 35,000 McDonald’s restaurants on the planet, or 1 for every 171428 people on the planet. 6500 are company owned, 27880 are franchised out. Don’t worry, the numbers work for Mc-franchisers as well as Mc-Corporate. There are 14137 in the United States, or 1 for every 22600 people. Feeling chunkier yet?

Total 2012 franchise sales were $69.7 billion plus $27.6 billion corporate sales for $97.3 billion total global sales. With US franchises accounting for roughly 40% of the global we can comfortably assume 40% sales from that $69.7 billion, or about $30 billion.

Follow me here. The numbers are simply the foundation. Here is where it gets interesting. McDonald’s total payroll and benefits, by their own numbers are $4.7 billion, with about $1.8 billion US. Simply a 3% increase in prices, or 3 pennies on the dollar, 26 cents on a Big Mac meal increases the hourly wage of workers at McDonald’s to $15-17 an hour, reduces crime, lowers the deficit, decreases poverty, increases the tax base, fixes roads and bridges, and washes your car. Okay, I threw in that last part for kicks. That 3%, bringing in an additional $2.33 billion annually to the company, more than is necessary, would also maintain the company’s current profits or more.

Now you must know at this point that my numbers are not entirely correct. I fully admit to rounding them off…in favor of the company. See, I made no distinction for Managers, executives, the folks in marketing, truck drivers or the counter and drive-thru employees. If I had we might be paying these frontline employees $20/hour. I did not make up the numbers. There are direct from McDonald’s, I just connected the dots.

So, they can’t afford a livable wage? Upon closer scrutiny, it is quite clear that the answer is that perhaps they won’t…

WC Turck is the author of 4 books, including the critically acclaimed Bosnian War Memoir “Everything for Love,” and Broken: One soldier’s unexpected journey home, at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. Turck wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “Occupy my Heart: A Revolutionary Christmas Carol” and “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden.” The most dangerous voice on the Left, he can be heard Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fridays from 9-11am in Chicago, and 1-3pm on the Revolution and Beer show with partner and cohost BL Murray.

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Stop The Frack Attack Threatening Our Survival

The state cuts corporations a major break on taxes, and offers them massive incentives to keep business here. However, the unemployment rate is terrible, and all working class people are being pressured to shoulder more and more of the burden for the mistakes and behavior of our politicians and business “leaders.” The banks were bailed-out, yet more and more of us are getting thrown out of our homes. The state didn’t pay in what it was supposed to on pensions. The workers paid their share, yet they are now forced to take the hit. Now you want to sell our drinking water to an in-efficient and toxic industry to prop up the dinosaur that is our current energy model. I find this whole situation disgusting.

Here’s a sample letter from MoveOn.org, feel free to steal this and do your own. We don’t endorse them.

Subject: Governor Quinn: Extend the First Notice Period for the IDNR rules for fracking, and immediately convene a state-sponsored Council to oversee the rewriting of these rules.


Many residents around the state who have been following this fracking issue, and some of the larger environmental organizations as well, such as the IL Sierra Club, are extremely disappointed with the new rules for fracking recently published by the IDNR. We must take action for the protection of Illinois residents and our environment from the many dangers of fracking.

That’s why I signed a petition to Joint Comm. on Administrative Rules and Governor Pat Quinn.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



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Astor House, Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi, and Joe Fedorko

We sat down for a very informative and urgent conversation with a member of Astor House in Roger’s Park related to fair housing and a pending eviction; an eviction that falls like a guillotine just in time for the holidays. This was happening just a couple of hours before a planned vigil in support of the rights neglected residents to stay in their neglected homes during the holidays.

Then, we moved on to some brilliant jazz saxophone, performed by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. Sohrab took us through his development and travels into the realms of Akido, and on to his obsession with the power of music and the saxophone. We learned about his multi-faceted heritage, and how that heritage, combined with his experiences abroad, lead him to become a strong advocate for musicians rights.

I the last third of the show, Joe Fedorko of Democracy Burlesque took a break from a crammed schedule of recording for their upcoming Christmas show, “Frack The Halls,” to join us for a beer. He guided us into another level of conversation around satire, art’s roll in society, and how artists get by.

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Nov. 30th Radio Show – Interview – Kayenn Coco May, Founder of I2F2 Film Festival

Kayenn and our beer in the Que4 radio studioOn November 30, we were joined by Keyann Coco May, Indian film-maker and producer, and founder of the I2F2 International Independent Film Festival. We discussed a wide range of issues related to independent film, as well as Keyann’s career and Indian heritage.

Catch the Revolution and Beer weekend show on Que4.org, or AM1710, Que4 Radio; on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m.

The full show is below, or jump directly to the interview with Keyann here.

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Now Available: Series 2 Episodes from the TV Show

Here we go with episodes 11-17:

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Beer Talk with Chicago’s Own Glunz Beer – Revolution and Beer 15

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When ALEC Comes to Town 2 – Revolution and Beer 17

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