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I'll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.

I love this slogan.

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Here are some notes on what was discussed on the Revolution and Beer morning show, on Que4 Radio, Que4.org, this morning. You can catch the show there every morning, Monday through Friday, from 9-11 a.m. You can catch our two-hour weekend show on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m. as well.

Corporate Welfare and Corporate Personhood:

WC provide a rant of radical irreverence a la carte, smothered in an edgy helping of 1788 French radical sauce. Of course, we all hope that much has been learned as to how we structure and maintain a transformation. What got his goose this morning?

DOJ settlement with JP Morgan Chase for $13 billion, $7 billion of which is tax deductible, evidently as a cost of doing business. Talk about corporate welfare!

Hobby Lobby is yet another example of a corporation using the law to gain even more discretion than is allotted to the majority of citizens. A bit extreme for corporate citizenship? How about a class action lawsuit against the Federal Government and the corporations who thrive off of war profiteering? They’ve denied many of us the choice not to waste enormous amounts of money on wars and poorly managed contracts.

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Last Saturday’s Show Notes

The burning question on our minds: Could we get the world back on track if we cancelled the debt of the nations and the global working class? It’s an idea that you hear amidst discussions of solutions to the global economic crisis, and it’s far more historically grounded in reality than you might assume. We’ve been inspired by the writing of those such as David Graeber and Murray Bookchin, as well as the Occupy movement’s work on the debt alleviation issue with Strike Debt and Rolling Jubilee. WC mentioned these campaigns throughout the week last week, and we wanted to get deeper into the broader details and circumstances.

The video below is a wonderful discussion from this year’s Global Uprisings conference featuring David Graeber, along with Silvia Federici (in absentia), and George Caffentzis. I first came across this on ROAR magazine on Twitter. It’s lengthy, but believe me, it’s worth the view. They explore the circumstances of contemporary work environments and the nuances of the debt structure.

Climate and Action

We also discussed the climate talks that took place in Warsaw, and the frustration expressed by attendees of the green movement: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25044961. We also discussed how the global climate discussion is being coopted by multinational capitalists, and the cycle of such coopting and marginalization of successful or urgent grassroots social justice campaigns. This frustration with the swindling of the dialogue is expressed clearly in this statement from Oxfam‘s Celine Charveriat:

“We need to tell them you are not allowed to make a mockery of this process. We can’t continue to watch in silence. Enough is enough.”

Here in the states we’ve heard many statements on the importance of diversifying our energy supply to include much more sustainable/renewable sources by our politicians, including many from president Obama throughout his presidency; with a spike during both of his presidential campaigns. However, the realities of hydro-fracking and dirty coal are still causing massive destruction to our surroundings, and there seems to be very little political will by our politicians to curb the rapid expansion of these forms of resource extraction.

We then moved on to discuss how we’ve let ourselves get duped by special interests before, and the importance of all working class people to step forward and take more control over this discussion. We also explored the parallels between the climate situation and the debate over guns; and the use of the race card, and how special interests like the NRA are playing the same game when it comes to the development of any sort of rational gun policy. One example would be the recent murder of Renisha McBride, and the counter narrative being espoused by right-wing pundits related to a grossly exaggerated “epidemic” of the violent pranking known as “Knock Out.”

We also expressed a little of our own frustration over mayor Rahm’s privatization parade, and how the “negotiated” solutions often leave us in a soar place, paying more for weaker service and no accountability.


Big Muddy Brewing’s Galaxy IPA

We “sampled” Southern Illinois Brewery Big Muddy’s Pale Ale, brewed with American Cascade hops and the soothing notes of caramel malts. This one finishes with a citrusy and bitter hint that doesn’t linger. We’re endorsing this one for your Thanksgiving after-meal drink. We balanced this just a hint of caramel malt sweetness. A delicious American Pale Ale full of fragrant and flavorful hops.along with a wonderfully dark and caramelly holiday ale.


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The Jeremy Hammond Reader

jhOK, not really. However, I did think it would be useful to post some links related to Jeremy Hammond and his recent sentencing to 10 years federal prison because people are curious–as they should be. His crime? He exposed collusion between the government and the private sector to frame political dissenters as terrorists. They don’t like it when you point that out. Not your grandmother’s America.

The first is by is by a wonderful and passionate woman who I recently spoke with for a HuffPo article about Jeremy’s twin brother Jason. Her recent article was actually held for release by the request of Jeremy’s legal team, and happened a few months ago. The second is about last year’s attempt by his support community to have Judge Preska recuse herself. The 3rd is his “official” statement at his sentencing last Friday, with the names of FBI-selected targets redacted. The fourth is what is currently thought to be his full statement, without omissions.

Vivien Wiesman HuffPo article about Jeremy

About last year’s attempt by his support community to have Judge Preska recuse herself:

Jeremy’s statements during sentencing (censored):

Thought to be Jeremy’s statements during sentencing (uncensored):

And a perspective piece by Chris Hedges about his interview with Jeremy a few days before his sentencing:

Here’s our interview with Sue Crabtree on WCPT’s Our Town with Mike Sanders. She’s the woman who has done an enormous share of the organizing within his support network; all gratis.

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Tonight: IVAW on Revolution and Beer

IVAW Labor Day Cookout

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. CST on Chicago Cable Channel 19. Repeat: Wed. 2:30 p.m.

– What makes the IVAW different than most of the veterans organizations that has come before it?

– Why are the armed forces making reference to environmental disasters in their recruiting advertisements?

– What’s it like as a soldier to struggle with PTSD? How about a civilian caught in warfare?

– What does militarism at home and abroad mean?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll be answering on the next Revolution and Beer show. Joining us is Vincent Emanuele, member of the IVAW board of directors. We were very lucky to get a chance to sit down at The Elbo Room for this two-part series. A heartfelt thank you goes out again Robert Clack and Solfrid Migét for making this possible.

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Global Uprisings Conference

This is some documentation of the recent Global Uprisings conference that is well worth a view. The documentary that starts at about 10:19 is a great snap shot of the last several years of global people’s resistance. It’s inspiring to see the Arab Spring, Greece Anti Repression and Austerity mobilizations, and the stunning displays of direct action and protest in Brazil and Spain all plotted on a timeline this way. When you step back and take a look at the current level of activity, you might notice a decrease in the mass of attendance, but you will also notice that the frequency is consistent; and the campaigns more specifically focused. This conference and documentary places us at a point in time of global solidarity around core human and communal concepts of justice. However loosely defined the “demands” might seem at this point, they have already proven to be incompatible with most of the governments in the world, including those who promote inclusion and democracy.

#GlobalUprisings Day 1 – Part 1 with film – Global Uprisings Conference from De Balie on Vimeo.

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We’re Approaching the Anniversary of The 2003 FTAA Resistance

The approach to the 2003 FTAA Resistance was an upgrade in the model of militant police oppression of protestors and those opposed to mass global privatization. We first saw this model get an upgrade in Seattle, at the 1999 WTO Resistance. This Indymedia documentary represented the working-class perspective on Free Trade and Neo-liberalization.

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