Reactionary of the Week…FOX News’ KT McFarland for provoking the following run-on sentences


Like Darth Vader in a hair helmet, FOX News flapping national security mouth KT McFarland, who proves that Ivy-league stick-up-the-butt elitism doesn’t give you insight or moral decency, isn’t driving the empire, but she certainly is the villainous advocate for rightwing hacks by which the current administration, which I am consistently critical of, can never seem to make the right decision, not because critical analysis of power is warranted, but instead because FOX’s contrarianism, which pretends at “Fair and Balanced. “

The embodiment of the perversion of pandering power and privilege in Washington politics, this slothy partisan has a long and filthy career slithering among the dark littered halls of our nation’s elitist and morally deficient leadership, is a proliferator of that moral and ethical deficiency and the poster child for pugnacious propagators of governmental perversion proffering and asserting through personal privilege that they will dictate to the rest of us. That felt good getting all that off my chest, but you may ask, why all the vitriol over a rightwing functionary who looks like the semi-sloshed newly divorced grandma at some back road 4am bar, bitterly but hungrily eyeing the trucker with the prison tats then stalking him with garden tools after a gin-fueled one night tryst?

Certainly there is plenty to draw disdain to this “no”-it-all former Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for Public Affairs under Ronald Reagan, which seems to me to be one of those useless titles created to stroke the soft underside of some political ally. Principally her job was to write memos and get out in front of the media and do no harm publically, which I might interpret as the same as a mafia spokesperson for the graft, theft and corruption allowing defense industry pimps to rob the American taxpayer through the proliferation of fear and the concoction of unending foreign threats. It was McFarland, the pigeon for FOX News mafia don Roger Ailes who reportedly currier-ed to commanding general David Patraeus in 2011, in yet another indication of the media’s hegemony over our election process, urging the general to run for president on the Republican ticket.

But my purposeful abuse of the run-on sentence here and now is not provoked by McFarland’s past as much as the statements she made today on a local rightwing talk show on the topic of Syria, which it appears, the United States is about to find itself embroiled in yet another conflict. As an aside, my views on the Syrian conflict grow from my experiences during the Balkan Wars and Rwanda during the 1990s, in which, through an utter failure by the United States and international community to respond early to clear signs of impending doom eventually led to more than a million unnecessary deaths and finally compelled action anyway. Syria is no different, and in many cases is a far clearer case for intervention, or at least it was early on when a strong response by the US and UN might have compelled a solution that would have prevented thousands of deaths, regional destabilization, extremists gaining a foothold and hundreds of thousands of refugees, but then again, speaking directly to the brilliance of our species to learn effective lessons from the past, that train has left the station.

McVader this morning managed to make the case for moral cowardice yet again by this nation, and particularly her chosen partisan camp and to straddle the planet-raping appendage of the oil and fracking opportunists here in the United States. Laying the groundwork, in which pretend opinion is really an elixir for inaction and lassaiz faire foreign policy, not to mention a complete scoffing of clear signs we have imperiled our climate through fossil fuel short-sightedness, Darth McFarland could not imagine why we are still in the middle east at all- which from an energy perspective I might agree with-though as we saw with September 11th 2001, our ignorance and indifference to suffering overseas can intrude in the rudest of ways here at home, and that my solution to the energy question would be massive investment in innovation and renewable green technology.

McHelmet-hair’s solution, of course was the predictable refrain of all of the oil and gas oligarchs purchasing America’s energy policy one politician, one EPA official at a time, and that was that the Syrian tragedy proves that we need to get out of the middle east, take the gloves off of the good and god-fearing Fracking companies that want to bring a trillion new jobs to America, and that the-oh wait, I meant barely any actual or permanent jobs and a potential collapse of our national drinking water reserves-and to support the XL Pipeline It brings to mind the story of a man who asks a woman at a party if she would sleep with him for a million dollars, to which she replies that she would, until he asks if she would sleep with him for a dollar, drawing her shock and dismay and the reply that what sort of woman does he he thinks she is? We’ve already established the sort of woman she is, and now it is simply about the negotiation.

No run-on sentence there. Thanks KT, apparently I just needed to vent a bit. Still, for the time being, I am steering clear of any roadside 4am bars, and keeping a close eye on the garden tools.

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Manipulated into War? Of Oil, Syria and the mistakes of the past

Are oil interests driving the price of oil up by using the Syrian conflict as an excuse? Even a simple look at the market reveals some uncomfortable insights. If true, the cynical manipulation of the market, and the blatant disregard for human lives would place the international community on course to repeat the upheavals and tragedies that have come to define the last 30 years with multiple wars for oil.

Syria is ranked a very distant 32nd among oil producing nations in 2009, with a downward trend towards reserves and will, according to analysts, become an oil importer by the end of the decade. The war in Syria has not affected oil prices so far, despite nearly two years of bloody fighting. No oil routes are affected by the current fighting, and international intervention would secure even more any routes potentially threatened shipping routes.

The U.S. Energy Information Agency reported ‘that Syrian government revenues are severely limited by the loss of oil export capabilities, particularly the lost access to European markets, which in 2011 imported $3.6 billion worth of oil from Syria according to news reports.’ Again, these numbers reflect exports before sanctions, and that up to now no significant impact was realized in energy markets from the conflict, until now.

In 2009 the Oxford Business Group’s Syria Report showed that oil exports accounted for 23% of government revenues, 20% of exports, and 22% of GDP in 2008. Syria exported about 150,000 barrels per day in 2008, and oil accounted for a majority of the country’s export income. Since March 2011 production of oil has been down more than 50%, costing the nation more than $3.5 billion in revenue.

Assad has however secured foreign investment in its oil industry aimed at boosting output. It is the investment from countries like Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China and India that is at risk. According to the EIA report :

The SPC operates through several subsidiaries, with the most notable being the Al-Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC), which is a joint venture between the SPC, Royal Dutch Shell, the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC), and India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Other SPC subsidiaries include the Deir Ez-zor Petroleum Company, the Syria-Sino Alkawkab Oil Company, the Hayan Petroleum Company, the Oudeh Petroleum Company, and the Dijla Petroleum Company. Other international oil companies with interests in Syria include Gulfsands, Sinopec, and Total, and several other smaller companies also have stakes in the Syrian oil sector.
It is notable that Royal Dutch Shell appears to have maintained an interest in the market despite European sanctions against Syrian oil imports into European markets.

Despite all of this, in part on news of a possible international military response to the conflict in Syrian that crude oil prices spiked to an 18 month high. Why now? Why not at any point previously in the conflict. Crude oil prices have been trending downward recently.

Taken together, it would seem to indicate a massive manipulation of the market, and that the Syrian conflict offers a prime excuse and cover for that manipulation. The reason that becomes problematic is that it reveals greater concern for markets than lives, which ultimately drives irresponsible short-term action and inaction by market-focused governments. This strategy is pragmatically based and short-sighted, as was all too evident with Western support of Afghani-freedom fighters during the Soviet occupation. The West became involved for self-serving reasons and then abandoned the Afghan and Pakistani people victimized by the conflict. That led subsequently to a rise of the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and more than a decade of disaster.

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The Manning revelation and the beer fuel musings of a nerd

Many of us on the Progressive side really are unphased by Manning asserting his gender identity. Those of us who have friends who are trans-gendered or who embrace their own internal imperatives towards gender identity in the face of a bipolar gender world applaud his bravery. There is no greater freedom than to break from the co-called normative arrangements of socially described gender roles and identity. And because what is considered normal by a majority might work in various permutations for most of us, as straight or in varying degrees of bisexuality, it is cruel and ignorant to impose that upon everyone. And if we truly uphold freedom,. Liberty and self-determination as the standard then the embrace and definition-or lack of one-of an individual’s sexual and/or gender identity must be of their own choosing.

Just to be clear, what I mean by bi-polar sexual and gender identity is simple. Much of humanity is entrapped in assumptions, all too often laced with hostility, violence and secret self recriminations about individual identity. It is assumed that there are men and women, both with clearly defined and god-given sexual parts meant to fit in a specific and holy way. Indeed, recently a Mexican legislature proposed anti-homosexual measures against marriage because, in her words, homosexuals can’t get married because they don’t look each other in the eyes when they have sex. Setting aside a bit of a creep factor, and a glaring lack of coital imagination, and web pages filled with Karma Sutra positions which all but eliminate the possibility for eye contact, not to mention joint dislocation, it is nice to know that Michelle Bachmann has a cousin south of the border.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what the fallout will be for others not in the media spotlight that face or struggle with issues of gender and sexual identity in a frequently inconsiderate world. For too much of the human race there remains too great a stigma against anything that deviates from ideas of bi-polar sexual and gender identity. The Manning revelation seems suited for a media dead set on affirming predetermined gender roles. The Rightwing media made great sport of it today. Lost was the substantive conversations by real people who struggle daily outside of the spotlight, whose stories are not sensationalized, but are characterized by those around them and the communities in which they exist, people, like my very dear friend, Rebecca Kling.kling

Last year Rebecca, who starred in my first Play, wrote a book about her transgender reality called No Gender Left Behind. Educator, activist and performer, Rebecca’s book was one of the most intimate and honestly rendered narratives I have come along in a very long time. But her story and approach to this issue is quieter and deeply personal, not a target hoisted by a media meant to poke fun, marginalize or mock as anything that challenges the so-called norm.

Bradley manning, whom the media has already described as a traitor, simply becomes a larger target in this “revelation.” Those searching for identity, or fearing the discrimination from the status quo are not served at all by this attention to Manning. In my very humble opinion they are done the greatest disservice by it.
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Revolution and Beer Episode 10 – Putting Art In Its Place

We sat down with Dada artist Helene Smith-Romer, along with gallery owner and curator Avram Eisen, to discuss Helene’s work; and to celebrate the seven-year history of the Avram Eisen Gallery.

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Revolution and Beer…Reactionary of The Week: Bloomberg’s Passive Gulag

First a few statistics, and then some sarcasm and then let’s talk reality.

bloomberg-lrgNew York’s Stop and Frisk has removed guns from the streets, particularly in challenged neighborhoods. That has undoubtedly saved lives. Mayor Bloomberg’s figure of thousands saved is bullshit, because, for one, we don’t know how good of a shot those potential future shooters would be. Oops, sorry, mixed a bit of sarcasm and reality there prematurely. It is an easy mistake when our elected leaders think and communicate in cartoonish terms. Maybe that is the caliber of people with the capacity to purchase so-called elected positions, or maybe it is a culture of condescension by those same pseudo-elected autocrats who feel they must pander and “sell” issues to constituents. Damn, more reality. Apologies, it just keeps slipping out. Back to the numbers.

Rudi Giuliani is responsible for the law, not the current Bloomberg. Curiously, it came at a time when crime was down during the spastic reactionary foolishness in the days after September 11th. That also coincides with the start of the age of police militarism. Giuliani simply suffered from a racially-informed fundamental lack of imagination on dealing with crime. Bloomberg suffers from taking full advantage in growing and supporting that failure of imagination.

From 2002 until 2012, the use of Stop and Frisk, an abuse of the so-called Terry v. Ohio law regarding reasonable suspicion-sort of like rape when he reasonably suspects she wanted it (Damned Sarcasm again!)- the use of this tactic by police went up more than 500%, or from 97,000 to more than 650,000. Without exception in those years between 86 and 91% were innocent. How about we allow cavity searches for 90% of white kids in, say, Park Forest, Barrington, Wilmette or Naperville for the few who might have some sort of contraband? No, that wasn’t sarcasm, that would be a reality.

More than 85% were people of color, mostly Black, were the targets of Stop and Frisk. Between 9-11% were white, except in 2003 when apparently white people ran amok at 12% (That’s just funny) Nearly 9 of 10 stopped and frisked by police were completely innocent of any wrong doing. Also, if you say the police must stop and frisk Blacks and Hispanics because they are the ones causing most of the crime-knowing full well 90% are innocent-statistics show you are 100% more likely to be an asshole.

So those are the numbers, and I suppose now I owe you a bit of sarcasm. Except that this issue writes its own sarcasm, and not a small amount of outrage, as this decidedly racist policy creates something of a passive gulag, and is endemic of a governmental and law enforcement attitude that you are innocent until we can find something you are guilty of. I am never one to advocate violence, but the situation now with police no longer serving and protecting citizens equally and a government that is a facilitator of greed interests looting the nation enough has got to be enough! Reality!

The media and politicians like to play partisan charades, but what the parade of civil rights perversion perpetrated and grown from the Republican Giuliani regime into the behemoth of oppression under Bloomberg shows us is that it isn’t the civil rights amendments that need revision, it is a narrowing of the criteria for getting into office.

If you make or have made more than $100,000 a year in your life, you are banned from ever holding office. If campaigns are funded by the people, across multiple parties, and you take a glass of lemonade from a corporation, bank, money troll or foreign entity, you go to jail and your mansion turned into a retreat for the poor and homeless. More than that, if you leave office richer than when you went in, and it wasn’t for an inheritance, a great book, song or painting you created, off to jail, because you didn’t come by that wealth serving the people. And if you are a cop and you clobber or arrest a protester exercising their rights of grievance against someone actually damaging the nation, we can replace all those incarcerated for smoking a joint with police officers who have forgotten their oath and their duty to serve and protect.

And just to really boot whip this dead horse, the Nazis learned how to stop crime in Jewish neighborhoods, and under Pol Pot crime virtually ceased in Cambodia, except at the top, which is where the worst crime in America is currently concentrated. If a Black kid on the south side of Chicago shoots another kid, the kids their neighborhood and families are the ones who suffer most. If a mayor shuts down 50 schools under very suspicious circumstances amid a confusion of numbers, that devastates thousands and destroys whole communities. If you pander to industrialists and buy their bottom line argument on everything, and place those arguments above the lives of people and communities, closing a factory in America for one that collapses in Bangladesh killing hundreds, that’s called Detroit.

That isn’t reality, folks, it is fucking reality!

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Reactionary of The Week: Penis Riot!


Between this and the upcoming play that I’ve written and produced, “The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden,” the likelihood that I’ll be welcomed in Russia any time soon is rather remote. That’s all right though. I hear the Chinese are still a bit pissed at my loud and vocal disappointments over their little massacre in Tiananmen Square back in 1989. Not like I was jumping on a plane tomorrow, so whatever. For that matter, after this, I probably won’t be welcome in many fundamentalist-leaning parts of this country. Have I ever told you how much there is to do in the City of Chicago? It’s almost bottomless with cultural diversity, as long as you don’t mind block-to-block segregation, and huge swaths of the city (usually more melanin deficient areas) neglected to the point of post-apocalyptic nightmare scenarios, but I digress.

It’s just that, at Revolution & Beer, we take hypocrisy and right-wing extremism very seriously. That said, Vladimir Putin serves these ingredients to the world with a fresh out-of-the-wok Yakisoba that would make Yoshihiro Murata nervously start sharpening his knives. But recently he’s done us all one better in the great human leap backwards.

While homophobia is nothing new in the history of power-hungry macho patriarchs hell-bent on intruding into people’s private lives when they disagree with them, the full frontal assault against homosexuals sounds yet another warning siren that too many of our species enjoy moon-walking on human rights and true liberty. Yes, the LGBTQ community is fighting the fight full-on now, but we all risk damage if we don’t “stand our ground.” How does that make your individualist streak feel? Doesn’t affect you? Well, first they came for…

Reeking Off Your Shirt

Question: does anyone see the really twisted logic in someone who professes himself as straight persecuting a band called Pussy Riot? The heter-over-confidence spews forth with all the questioning of a high school freshman’s first locker room shower experience. I mean, after all, it’s not like it was an actual riot that had to be put-down with hoses. And, from a sexually non-repressed perspective, would it be so bad if they actually did riot? Even a little? And, from a sex-positive perspective: what’s supposed to be liberatory or fun about extinguishing such a thing?

What should we make of this manly man who promotes himself as a progressive alpha male. Surely you’ve been seduced by the display of studly (homo-erotic?) topless photos of his excellency fishing, hunting, and engaging in the very non-gay activity of riding horses bareback shirtless in an Indiana Jones hat, dribbling-out laws and programs denying the simplest human rights for homosexuals in Russia. And in all seriousness, this issue is a test for the sincerity of the human race’s so-called declarations and pretense at human rights; and progress.

On the show some weeks ago we discussed women’s rights, and how they cannot be judged episodically. That is to say that the fact that Maggie in accounting gets a big raise or a promotion, or can vote and drive a car in St. Louis, isn’t evidence that sexism has ended. Does she have autonomy over her own body, or can the state intercede? More importantly, those rights must be judged amid the totality of the quality of rights the world over. The greatest of rights in one part of the world are degraded by the lack of rights elsewhere.

Feminism and Beer prt 2 here.

WOW!! Did you hear there are now annual Gay Pride Parades in cities across America?!

Yes, but we’re still dealing with nominal acceptance in much of the country, and significant acrimony from the Right-wing community about something that they have the full liberty not to engage in. This regardless of the fact that homosexual relationships are comparable in outcome to heterosexual ones, and that homosexuals contribute just as much if not more to growth and creativity within the U.S. economy. The far right evidently believes that co-existence, or allowing it, means willful participation. They’re just afraid we’re all going to turn gay. They really care that much.

While it is no longer a crime to be gay, or won’t any longer lead to a court martial or dismissal from the military, the reality of gay marriage being legal in several states still feels tentative. The culture still pretends anything not aligned with a strict bipolar sexuality is deviant, or is nominally tolerated. That carries a social sort of oppression on truly arbitrary and interchangeable terms that is far more potent and dangerous, and antithetical to liberty than any government could conceive on its own. When the government tacitly or overtly supports or encourages discrimination or worse, there should be an outcry from all people of conscience or humanity.

For anyone, this video of these Russian kids being harassed, tortured, and terrorized for their supposed sexuality should be an outrage.

Not only are these kids tormented and scarred far worse than any personal pejorative of “gayness” could ever accomplish, but these savages delight so much in their terrorism; reminiscent of images of German soldiers delighting as they teased and taunted Jews during the Holocaust. You could never accuse Nazi wannabes of being inconsistent in their tactics. Long live Neo-Fascism! :p

The true danger here is in becoming subjective about humanity and the humanity of others. Human rights must remain human rights without qualification, and the standard must be to hold oppressors accountable. It is Putin’s discriminatory laws and attitudes regarding homosexuals that threaten to make everyone’s rights ultimately negotiable. Perhaps we should deem his approach a “Penis Riot,” but that one has been raging for centuries.

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IWW & Mobile Rail Workers Union Stands Strong

Right now, there is an important local fight going on for quality of work and the right to organize in Chicago; a fight that shows on many levels how history always brings back around it’s unfinished business. An appropriate balance of power between labor and owners/management is a condition that has never been sustainable for so many reasons. It takes organizing and diligence on the side of workers to make sure the imbalance doesn’t hit an exponential curve in favor of management.

The Mobile Rail Workers Union, a diverse and committed group of workers, is quickly taking form at  Mobile Rail Solutions near 14th and Western in Chicago. Workers there became frustrated and concerned when management refused to provide them with some of the basic materials that they needed to protect themselves on the job, like gloves and masks. The situation grew more severe, and the employees there decided to organize themselves into a union. In late July, management at Mobile Rails Solutions fired three workers, Eric, Dwayne, and Brian; for their attempts to organize their fellow workers. After the firings, 25-30 workers walked off the job in solidarity with their fellow workers.

The workers and the larger Union, the IWW, are now fighting for fair labor practices that will build the environment to nurture the kinds of jobs we all know are vital for working class communities across Chicago. If we want to fix our economy, and we value the role of our labor in it, then there’s a lot to learn from the Wobblies.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stands out from a lot of trade-based unions in the history of the labor movement in our country. They believe in organizing across all sectors of the economy, and actually view trade unionism as one of the circumstances easily exploited by unscrupulous power elites to divide and weaken the working class. As part of their critique of trade unions, they will quickly point out how they often push for deep one-sided compromise from their rank and file during a labor dispute. Their belief in the autonomy and development of each worker as a “leader” speaks to a strong faith in the capacity of each human being, and it places them in alignment with socialist libertarian political traditions that are very uncommon in the United States nowadays. This has made them rather unpopular with both moderate liberals and right-wingers at times throughout history. However, it’s also made them very successful as the “One Big Union” has played key rolls in such historic victories as the eight-hour work day, and the laws established banning child slave labor in the U.S. Their historic creativity and antics have been illuminated far wide by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, and Pete Seeger.

This fight for the right of the Mobile Rail Workers to organize is a fight that can and should be won. The workers are united in their desire for a union and feel empowered by that unity. They are also realistic and aware of the difficulty of the fight. The win of a contract by the Mobile Rail Workers Union and the IWW will have a ripple effect, and will be considered an historic event that provides a stark contrast in vision to the neo-liberal policies of Rahm Emanuel and corporate lobbying groups like ALEC.

While the corporate narcissist parade known as ALEC visits Chicago this week to throw themselves a 40th birthday party, we’d all be wise to join in solidarity with this scrappy union. Getting your card certainly wouldn’t hurt either. Together, we can deliver a message to all negligent bosses and smarmy politicians by winning this fight. Consider it a local birthday spanking to send ALEC on its way certain that Chicago workers will stand their ground. Please read the release and call to action from the union below.



1425 S Western, Chicago, IL
Now accepting fresh food, baked goods, love, and support.

We encourage all supporters and union members to join in solidarity with these brave men by joining the picket line at 1425 S. Western from 6 am to 8pm. For more information, contact Sam Green:
ghq <at>

SOLIDARITY SATURDAY: Support The One Big Union That Could

Sat. Aug 10th 2013
Time: 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
1425 S Western, Chicago, IL

This strike is about the illegal firings if 3 workers for their successful campaign to form a union. The workers have 3 main demands:

1- The immediate reinstatement of

2- Management ceases all of its threats of firing and its attempts to disrupt the NLRB union election by dividing workers with bribery, and that they treat workers with dignity and respect.

3- Management must meet with the workers to discuss job-related issues and concerns.

More info:

Rail Service Workers Go on ULP Strike Demanding an end to illegal firings

From July 26th to 29th, Management at Mobile Rail Solutions fired three workers actively engaged in unionizing efforts. The termination of these organizers is a direct attack on their Union drive and apparent retaliation for their recent OSHA filings. Management then threatened to continue firing workers showing no respect for their employees or labor law. The company is also known for seldom firing workers at all.

In response, the workers have self-organized a strike and will be picketing at Union Pacific’s Global 1 location in Chicago, Illinois. They demand a meeting with Mobile Rail’s general manager to discuss the recent wave of Unfair Labor Practices and for the reinstatement of their three fired workers. With most workers coming to the picket line, they expect locomotive servicing will come to a halt.

The workers at Mobile Rail solutions have organized with the Industrial Workers of the World. Several weeks ago they filed for an NLRB election and hoped to have their voices heard in a secret ballot election on August 14th. With the string of three firings over the course of three business days and threats of more firings to come, they feel that only an Unfair Labor Practice Strike can protect their livelihoods and ensure that all workers get the right to vote for Union representation.

How We Can Win:

1. Write an email of support from your organization and send to
2. Write a letter demanding that Mobile Rail Management meet with workers. (Please email a copy to 6530 S Laramie Ave, Bedford Park, IL 60638
3. Contribute to the rail workers strike fund:
4. Call Mobile Rail Management and politely but firmly demand they rehire both Eric, Brian and Dwayne. We ask that you further demand that all drivers are accompanied by a helper.
5. You can reach Mobile Rail Solutions management at 847-551-9767 or call Tim, the general manager, directly at 224-622-3016.

Further Information about the strike:

Industrial Workers of The World:

Mobile Rail Workers Union:

Support Committee:

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Revolution and Beer Episode 9 – Evictions and Bad Landlords – How to Handle It

Eerily, only a couple of weeks after this taping, and one day after our launch party; we helped Maria Dolores and her family move their things out of their home:

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