May 3rd Brian DJ’s at Axis Chicago

Axis-600wMiyeon Kwon of Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association is definitely an intelligent, open-minded, and collaborative spirit. Last year, Brian and WC collaborated with her in late April at the original gallery space of Prak-Sis. The Exponential and the Last Man theater group teamed-up for a multidimensional presentation which fused free-form sound design and narrative as Donjey Tyler took-on the passionately sarcastic and scholarly tone of the Last Man. There’s video of that part of the performance below.

This year, Miyeon has launched a very forward-thinking initiative that culminates in Axis International Art Festival. AXIS strives to respect traditional art practices while examining new media with educational overtones. Brian will be mixing from a variety of devices from 8pm to 11ish, it will likely have some educational undertones. Please come join in the creativity and networking.

This happens at 4011 N Ravenswood Ave. Chicago. Click here for the fakebook event page. Don’t forget to check out the lecture series schedule for the weekend below.

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More info about the Axis Art Festival can be found here:

Here’s some video and art from last year’s collaboration:

Flyer from The Exponential’s April 28th 2012 show at Prak-Sis.

From the front of the room:

From the back of the room:

Axis Full Schedule


MAY 4th Saturday
11am Winsor & Newton: The New Artist’ Acrylics
Johannah Silva (Chicago-based artist & art educator)
1pm In search of lost time
Alex M Lee (Animation art, Assistant Professor at Clarkson University)
2pm Glitch Art and Dirty New Media
Jon Cates (Chair of the Film, Video, New Media & Animation department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.)
3pm Time-based Works & Other Partnerships
Josephine Lipuma
4pm Myth and Alchemy : an Artist’s Subject & Process
James Mesple
5pm Intelligent Design
Paul Lempke
6pm Asian Art Scene
7pm Asian Experimental Film (Online lecture)
Blake Heo (Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul)

^ May 5th Sunday
10am Panel Discussion
Dan Godston
11am The World Mosaic Art
Karen Ami (Director, Chicago Mosaic School)
12m Black Art Global
Janelle Dowell & Lavon Pettis,
1pm Artist Talk
Michael Manning (New York Based Artist)
2pm Artist Talk : Glass Art
Pearl Dick (glass artist, Director, Ignite Glass Studio)
3pm Strategies for Artistic & Career Success
Paul Klein (Art Professional Advisor)
4pm Rescue or Destroy
Allen Vandever


^ Visual Art
Spencer Hutchinson, Chicago
Jason Watts, Chicago
Inyoung Ju, S. Korea
Gallery Dos, S. Korea
Juyeon Kim, New York/S. Korea
Ignite Studio Glass, Chicago
Michael Manning, New York/Chicago
Sixhand Painting, Germany
Reiner Gramlich
Eckhard Zylla
Erica Jane Huntzinger, Chicago/Wisconsin
CJ Hungerman, Chicago
Allen Vandever, Chicago
Estrella Luna, Mexico
Black Art Global
Phanthom Gallery Net Work, Chicago
International Art Group
Digital Print Exhibition
Three Best Artists
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, Chicago
Jiha Park, S. Korea

^ Time Based Art
Rosemary Barria, Chicago
Josephine Lipuma
Daine Ponder
Mikel Avery
Dan Godston

^ Installation
Jon Cates, Chicago
Nick Briz, Chicago
Paul Lempke, Chicago
Paul Hertz, Chicago
Tom Estes, London
Lyla Rye, Toronto
Alex Lee, Potsdam, New York
Spencer Hutchinson, Chicago
Joan Box Yi, Torrance

^ Video
Raymond Salvatore Harmon, London
Kai-Duc Luong, France/ US
Galina Shevchenko, Chicago
Andy Ortmann, Chicago
Heejoo Kim, Missoula, Montana
Karlie Kahl, Missoula, Montana
Alfred Gaither, Missoula, Montana
Eric Czekner, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Brian Holsey, Baltimore
Adam Lam, Chicago
Chai Won Ni. Thailand
Charles Lim, Singapore
Sangbum Heo, S Korea
Hey J Min, S Korea


^ Media Art!
Jon Cates – “Glitch Art and Dirty New Media”
Blake Heo – “Asian Film Makers Now”
Jason Watts – “Ipad Painting”
Paul Lempke – “Intelligent Design”

^ The Facts on Traditional Art!
Wesley Kimler – “The Chicago Painter”
Karen Ami – “Worldwide Mosaic”
Michael Manning – “German Abstract Paintings”
Inyoung Ju – “How to Return to My Studio”

^ The Guidelines for Success!
Paul Klein – “Success is Easier for the Artist”
Kate Sanford-Garcia – “Art Program at Lakeview High School”
Alex M Lee – “Fine Art Animation”


Lakeview High School
James G. Blaine elemantery school
Mi-yeon Kwon
Paul Lemke
Spencer Hutchinson
Jason Watts
Piotr Antonow
Natasha Kohli
Peter Bullock
Thu Nguyen
Matt Gualco
James Mesple
Erica Jane Huntzinger
Amy Lowry
Michael Manning
Alpha Bruton
Ignite Studio Glass, Chicago
Una Dimitrijevic
Colette Wright Adams
Johannah Silva


Cicero Medical Clinica San Lazaro
Ravenswood Event Center
John D. Colbert and Associates
Klein Artist Works
Frank Karall Company
VARA Fine Art
LivArt AV And 2R Code
Urszula Szlek-Ciesielski/T.U.Ciesielski Arhitects. Ltd

**Please note that your ticket purchase is a charitable contribution for a not-for-profit

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Revolution and Beer…of the week: New Planet’s Gluten Free Blonde Ale and Pale Ale, and that sweet spot where Beer and Activism meet

20130502_181136“I’m really curious to see what you’ll have to say about this one,” a friend told me, knowing full well I prefer traditional full-bodied beers.

I’d recently tried a gluten-free beer and came away wanting. Gluten-free beer does not contain wheat, barley, or rye, so I was a bit reticent to try New Planet’s Gluten Free Blonde Ale and Pale Ale. The previous unnamed GFB simply lacked in depth and character. Things didn’t bode well for the anticipated New Planet experience.

Still, we are all about the activism at Revolution and Beer. I resolved that if the beer itself was disappointing, the cause was noble enough. New Planet is a champion for suffers of Celiac’s Disease, which causes the immune system of suffers to, in the presence of Gluten, attack and damage the small intestine, inhibiting the absorption of crucial nutrients. Not exactly a Light beer commercial.

But here’s the amazing part, the moment when activism and beer meet is absolutely perfect. We had that experience a number of times while filming our upcoming television series. Folks who had done lots of media previously sat down at the bar, took a drink of beer and found how revolutionary a forum it was. There is nothing so personal and intimate as sitting at the bar with friends, new and old, and hashing things out over a good beer. And when the conversation gets a bit heated, we bring it back to the beer.

And so I’m bringing it back to New Planet’s GFB. The trick is in the brewing process, but also appeasing expectations for beer lovers. Without Rye, Wheat and barley, that’s a bit of a challenge. Gluten-free beer is normally made with thick, concentrated syrupy gluten-free sorghum extract. Add a bit of rice syrup or corn dextrose and a brewer can nicely boost the alcohol content. Hops add bitterness, flavor, and aroma to beer. The different varieties of hops brings their own unique characteristic to each beer, offering citrus, fruity, floral, spicy, herbal, or resin notes.

Awareness of Celiac’s Disease has helped changed the market, just as designated drivers did for non-alcoholic brews. For the purist, does that translate into an assault on beer? Recall, as we discussed in a previous piece, that technically every beer violates the old German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, which back in 1516 did not understand the importance of yeast, And so in not including yeast in the officially sanctioned ingredients for beer, all beer violates that law. So no, GFB simply innovates to encompass fellow beer lovers burdened with this disorder.

And that’s all well and good, but what does New Planet”s GFBs taste like? That is the ultimate question. And what sort of foods would pair best with this Blonde Ale and Pale Ale? The Pale Ale comes in at a modest 5%ABV, and poured into a pint glass to an amber color with a crisp white ½ inch head, and some modest lacing. The color derived from molasses, and gluten-free corn-based caramel color. The first impression was of fruity and citrus notes, finishing with a comfortably and pleasant hoppy bite, and was a bit on the dry side. I was surprised by the depth of flavor, and found it a satisfying beer, which I would enjoy gluten or no-gluten.

New Planet’s Blonde Ale poured to a clear golden hue, with fine carbonation through the center of the glass. There wasn’t much of a head to note, but the beer did hold its carbonation adequately. My initial impression was that fans of sours would find this a nice beer, falling between a young pilsner and a sour. The aroma was subdued but floral. That slightly sour first taste, was rounded out with hints of orange and honey. Again, at 5%, I found this a very comfortable and enjoyable beer.

I’d reached out to Carole Cooper, author of Simply Healthy Gourmet( for a food pairing, in keeping with a gluten-free diet. She recommended grilled Lake Superior Whitefish or Trout and Roasted Rosemary and Garlic Fingerling potatoes which helped the hops, caramel and grapefruit notes to pop nicely. My addition to the fingerling potatoes is to press those potatoes ever so slightly to open them up, and let the olive oil, garlic and rosemary inside. For the Blonde Ale, Carole liked her Virgin Olive oil Poached Tuna steak with roasted small potatoes, tomato and olives.

It doesn’t always happen that way, activism and beer coming together so neatly. When it does, it underscores how well those two seemingly disparate worlds fit. And that, my dear friends, is what I like to call the sweet spot.

You can find all the great beers we review each week at Louis Glunz Beer Inc.


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