May Day 2013 Events In Chicago

Happy May Day 2013


THURS. May 2nd, 7pm
“Organizing Resistance Under Crisis”
at MultiKulti
1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago IL 60642
(@ the intersection of Milwaukee and Augusta)

FRI. May 3rd, 7pm
“We Are Not Machines, The Situation & Struggles of the iSlaves in China” at Powell’s Books-UIC

SAT. May 4th, 12pm
“Picnic For The Haymarket Martyrs” at Waldheim Cemetary

For further information:

What’s Already Happened: WED. May 1st:

Main March and Rally

2 pm Union Park (Randolph & Ogden)
3 pm March
4 pm Rally at Federal Plaza

*ALSO: 2:30pm
Plaque Dedication at Haymarket Monument at Des Plaines and Randolph.
Then join Union Park contingent at 3:30

Earlier Today

May Day Anti-Capitalist Demo

Black flags on Haymarket Memorial, #MayDay #Chicago. #M1… via @joinrad

— danielle villarreal (@daneyvilla) May 1, 2013

It’s been five years since the economic crash, nobody’s in jail for it. the banks are bigger, wages are lower, and we’re going to march to the loop and shutdown an institution that shall remain unnamed until that morning. Come one come all! The working people of Chicago will march in solidarity with the May Day martyrs and the rest of the country. The location of the action is a short walk from the red line and a thirty minute one transfer train ride to the annual march starting at union park. @21js_ @joinRAD @chicagoRADicals

Here’s the facebook event page for the May Day Anti-Capitalist Demo.

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Beer of The Week: Saugatuck’s Singapore IPA, That’s just perfect!

By 900poundgorilla


Great beer is also about a place. It is about company, conversation and a moment, as much as it is about hops, quality water, body, taste and other physical characteristics. And it is about friends, those we’ve cherished a lifetime, or those we are yet to embrace. This Saturday, the Revolution and Beer crew will feature on our upcoming TV show, Singapore IPA, a lively and interesting beer from Saugatuck Brewing. We’ll be sharing it with new friends, in what can only be described as the perfect place.

It didn’t start out that way, at least not for the space. We had a cancellation, two no calls, and one flat out “no” while trying to find an alternate space to shoot the show. And it needed to be the perfect spot. We’re talking art and activism with a couple of local theater companies whose signature vision is on politics and community. Up to now we’d taped exclusively in bars and restaurants. Our Chef, AJ Francisco, tucking food/beer pairings in between his busy catering business called with this week’s menu. There was no stopping this train. I need to find a space, and fast!

I’ll admit to a little anxiety when I arrived home last night, all but empty handed. I hadn’t a clue where we were going to shoot the show this week. There was a six-pack of Singapore IPA from Saugatuck Brewing in the refrigerator, courtesy of Louis Glunz Beer inc. I cracked one open and poured it into my favorite glass-that elegant tulip shaped beer glass I’d carried like the holy grail out of Sarajevo during the war.

At a comfortable 7% ABV, I imagine it would have made the historic voyage from Europe to the Orient quite nicely-hence the name India Pale Ale, with a higher alcohol content that allowed the beer to make long sea voyages.The color brought to mind visions of sailing in some great sailing ship into an amber sunset. The aroma was of a raspberry sweetness, citrus and hops. the head was modest, a half inch, and a light cream in color. 20130410_172102

I tipped back the beer and took that first taste of Saugatuck’s Singapore IPA. That first taste brought those sweet malts, finished with that grapefruit-like hoppy bitterness to finish in the most pleasant way. I quickly thought of the menu AJ had prepared for Saturday. He’d begin with golden spicy Asian-style Honey Wings.

“The wonderful bitterness from the Hops,” he told me over the phone, “will play against the citrus and sweetness of the chicken wings. For the entree I will pair a Grilled Steak crusted with coffee and; Ancho Chili. The coffee will pair well with the hops in the IPA.”

I was better than half way through the beer from Saugatuck when the idea came to me like a bolt. I recalled this out of the way costume and theater prop shop called Lost Eras not far away. The place had been there for decades, almost hidden in plain sight. The proprieter, a fiesty but sweet lady named Charlotte ran the place, which was stuffed to the rafters with every concievable sort of costume, mask and prop. It was more akin to a crowded attic bursting with untold treasure demanding to be explored more than shopped.20130410_173127

That would be the place. Taking another swig of the Singapore IPA, I couldn’t help a smile. I knew in an instant the guests from Democracy Burlesque and Stone Soup Theatre Company would be pleased by the setting. What could be a more perfect place. The last swallow of Saugatuck’s singapore IPA, with those rich and nicely balanced hops helped me catch my breath. I picked up the phone to make the arrangements…

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Revolution and Beer, Reactionary of the week: The Myth of Margaret Thatcher

thatcherSo long, Maggie. Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister to Great Brittian died this week. She dumped on England and the rest of the world from 1979-1990. The right would have you believe her contribution to the planet, and freedom, was substantial. There is a reason for that. Thatcher is a cornerstone to their mythology about Ronald Reagan. Together they are cartoons to the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet union. I will defer to the actual historic record regarding those two events, and not to the fictionalized foolishness of star wars missile programs, and the silly beckoning of “Mr. Gorbachev, tears down this wall,” by the actor-in-chief. For the clearest academic study of the Cold War, see “The Cold War, 1945-1987 by Ralph B. Levine, 2nd edition.

But I think that history will, once we get beyond the insipid propaganda of current American historical paint-by-number trash, show quite clearly that the “Iron Lady” was a tramp. So, if I may-and I will-allow me to help get that record back on track with a list of Thatcher’s accomplishments. Called the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet newspaper, perhaps the Soviets understood that Iron quickly rusts and eventually crumbles to dust. England, at the very least still suffers her legacy.

First of all, all those on the right who accept her exalted position at the right hand of our lord and savior, Reagan ,should take note that she voted to decriminalize male homosexuality in England, and to legalize abortions. While as a Progressive I believe these were positive steps for England in terms of human rights, you will never hear any of that mentioned by the right.

<h2Here’s a good list of accomplishments you won’t hear the right discussing very much:

  • She supported austerity, and cut a school milk program for children ages 7-11, spawning the rebuke of “Margaret Thatcher, milk snatcher!”
  • She lowered income taxes, but increased indirect taxes. In other words when it came time to collect taxes she took less up front, but then stole the money from their pockets later.
  • She cut education, social services and housing at a time when England was suffering through a terrible recession. It cost her an honorary doctorate, the first time one had been denied to an Oxford educated PM since the 2nd World War.
  • Crime increased year over year throughout her term in office.
  • Thatcher’s austerity sparked massive unrest, frequent demonstrations and riots.
  • She called Nelson Mandela a terrorist and opposed German reunification.
  • Her government openly supported the bloody Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and secretly trained fighters opposing Vietnamese forces fighting to stop the slaughter in Cambodia.
  • She supported brutal Chilean dictator, Ernesto Pinochet, offering him refuge from prosecution for his crimes against the people of Chile.
  • She negotiated away Hong Kong back to the Chinese.
  • Her failed policies in Northern Ireland set back the peace process decades and cost untold numbers of lives.
  • Manufacturing nearly collapsed in England under Thatcher.
  • England faced staggering unemployment. Amid the economic upheavals she attacked the labor unions, comparing them to the pointless and misguided Falkand Island War she’d fought, calling union members, “the enemy within.”
  • As for the passionate ideological affair she enjoyed with the American passion-prince, Reagan, not so much. After he lied to her about the imminent invasion of Grenada Thatcher vowed never to trust him again.

There’s more. There is much more, but I was just too depressed to go on. So the next time the right extolls the virtues of this “great” lady, you know the truth. Pass it around. Let’s set the record straight…for a change.

Please hop-over and like us on Facebook. And if you have a cause to champion, please let us know as we work to become the grassroots support network for Chicago Activists and community organizers.

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The Revolution and Beer TV Show: Feminism – Episodes 4 & 5

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For last Saturday’s taping, we were joined by three outstanding guests:

Linda Bubon, co-owner of Women and Children first.

Paula Kamen, author of: Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition and the Loss of An Extraordinary Mind and All in My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache.

Regina Buccola, Assoc. Prof. Literature at Roosevelt Univ.

Revolution and Beer chef, AJ Franciso, completely owned the day with his food pairings to accompany our Beer of The Week, Crabbie’s Original Ginger Beer.

Thanks to the entire crew: Nick Bacon, Ben Housten, Erik Parsons, Joe Fedorko, Lindsay hereer, Valentina, Neil, Frank and Leadway Bar and Grill.

We took on a big one this time, engaging in a two-part series on Feminism. During the eating and drinking, we discussed the womens rights to bodily integrity in light of recent, and very troubling, stories in the news. Street safety and harassment, abortion and birth control, domestic violence and gun control, and sexual agency vs. sexual slavery/trafficking. Were all covered.

Scary factoid:

Did you know Chicago is a “hub” for girls and women being sold from Mexico, Russia, Poland? We’re talking about girls and women, ranging from age 14 to their early 20’s.

Our CAN TV series will be running May through June of this year. Be sure to check us out and please give us your take on the right of women to control their bodies, the recent attempts to roll-back protections for women, as well as any of the other issues we cover on the show.

I’m going to contact Paula Kamen; she lives in Aville and has written several important books on feminism.

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Beer of The Week

Crabbie’s original Ginger Beer: This is quite a sweet one.


So… We’re a little less radical as a team when it comes to beer. Not quite militant reactionaries, such as strict adherence to the old German Reinsheitgebot-the purity law for beer, backed-up by a federal offense akin to whistle-blowing, but beer is beer. It’s so easy to appreciate a beer layered with different ingredients. Hinterland’s Maple Bock, Anchor’s Christmas ale, Revolution Brewings’s A Little Crazy Ale, Anything from Ommegang and Great Lakes, Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter, we’re talking about a serious palette. Then there’s 5 rabbit’s offerings, with which seasonings and spices are boldly used, yet the balance is that of refinement. Crabbie’s Original Ginger Beer is something entirely different than any beer I’ve tried before.

Want to know how different? You can find the rest of our impressions here.



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Karen Lewis Speaking at NEIU

Chicago Teachers Union president, Karen Lewis delivered a speech at NEIU on April 3rd Entitled “Lies About Schools.”

See the other segments of Karen’s speech, captured by WC, on our Video page.

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The Revolution and Beer TV Show, Episode 3

This past Saturday, March 30th, we gathered with a much larger and very boisterous crowd at Leadway Bar and Grill, 5233 N. Damen. Here’s the photo tease for the show which will air on CAN TV in a couple of months. Special thanks to Sandra J Alvillar AGAIN for the beautiful photography. Extra special thanks to Frank, Bianca, and Valentina for the incredible hospitality at Leadway Bar and Grill. Joining us for the taping of our 3rd TV show were David Hatch from the People’s Lobby, Kristi Sanford from a Just harvest, Toby Chow from Fair economy Illinois and Michaela Lovegood from IIRON. We had an awesome time discussing corporate tax cheats and the politicians you love them in Illinois–over beer of course. The series will air around the end of may.

BTW: If you are looking for a cozy hideaway, in a quiet neighborhood, Leadway is the place to be.

Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series. Don’t forget to check us out on Sunday Mornings at 8am on AM 820 WCPT, on Our Town with Mike Sanders.

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Chicago Teachers Union–Sunday’s Segment Notes

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The Beer:

Our Beer of the week was 5 Lizard, Latin-style beer, from a great local brewer, 5 Rabbit.  We have a mouth-watering food pairing with 5 Lizard, just in time for spring outdoor dining???? Or have we just skipped ahead to October?

Our Guest on Sunday’s Show: Jackson Potter, Staff Coordinator for The Chicago Teachers Union

This week Revolution and Beer and Our Town were out covering the teacher’s protest. More than 100 protesters sat down on LaSalle Street in a show of civil disobedience in front of city hall. Revolution and Beer was right up front as the Chicago Police detained and ticketed the protesters. In a statement mayor Rahm Emanuel rebuffed the teachers, parents, union members and students demands to keep more than 50 schools in almost exclusively black and Latino neighborhoods, by saying the decision to close these schools is a “done deal.”

Our guest had a few things to say to the good mayor about that.


April 5, this Friday, join us on the Loyola commons when we show support for students and their parents who are facing massive meal hikes (150% increases) on already heavily burdened family and students. Members of “Loyola Organized in Action” is organizing this protest.

Special thanks to David Hatch from the People’s Lobby, Kristi Sanford from A Just harvest, Toby Chow from Fair economy Illinois and Michaela Lovegood from IIRON, joined revolution and Beer yesterday for a taping of our 3rd TV show, which will air end of may, discussing corporate tax cheats and the politicians you love them in Illinois. Thanks to Frank, Bianca, Valentina for the incredible hospitality at Leadway Bar and Grill 5233 North Damen. If you are looking for a cozy hideaway, in a quiet neighborhood, Leadway is the place to be.

Beer and Food:

Featured Beer: On that show we paired our featured beer with the inspired cuisine of Revolution and Beer’s very own Chef, AJ Francisco. From 5 Rabbit brewery in Bedford Park, 5 Lizard Latin-style Witbier, or white beer. We’ve sampled several of 5 Rabbit’s brews, a classy alternative to the common Mexican beers. These beers are made for dining.

A Belgian Style ale that’s very pale and cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered Often referred to as “white beers” (witbieren) due to the cloudiness / yeast in suspension. This is made with hints of coriander, lime and passion fruit that paired beautifully with AJ’s 3 Citrus Ceviche, using the Zest & the juice of Lemon, Lime, & Honey Tangerines. Sweet Scallops & fresh Pico de Gallo. The citrus pairs with 5-Lizards coriander essence marvelously.

The 5 Vultures Dark Ale will pair well with an Empanada, made with fresh Chorizo, sweet potato, raisin, & Chipotle chilies with a Roasted Poblano salsa. This bold beer stands up to big flavors.


This May Day, Occupy Chicago asks supporters: Who does the American government work for? Occupy Chicago calls on our brothers and sisters throughout the city to join us on May 1st to stand up against the assaults on the 99%. At 1:00pm on May 1st we will gather at Union Park, Randolph and Ashland. At 2:00pm we will march to Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Jackson. After the march, the group will gather in Federal Plaza, where we will engage in a lively speakout on the struggles of the common worker and who really has the power in this country.

Further Reading:

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